SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - Brekeke Software, Inc., an emerging leader in voice and data communications technology, today announced that Brekeke PAL (PBX Active Library) will be available next month at the same time as the Brekeke PBX version 2.1. Brekeke PAL is a Windows Control Library that allows the creation of applications for Brekeke's IP-PBX software product, Brekeke PBX, using Windows .NET.

"Brekeke PAL can cut the development time and cost for custom call center applications by at least one-third versus the old-fashioned way," said Shin Yamade, CEO and President of Brekeke. "Brekeke PAL creates new opportunities for developers to customize current or develop completely new applications for our IP Call Center platform. With the additional benefits brought by this new programming tool, our IP Call Center system offers unparalleled service and customization options which can be offered only because it is based on IP," added Yamade.

With Brekeke PAL, developers can easily create highly desired, custom call center applications. Brekeke PAL allows applications to initiate calls, receive and display line status, transfer and conference calls, monitor and record conversations, and park and retrieve calls. Application development with Brekeke PAL is simple using Visual Basic .NET or other Microsoft .NET languages. Some common applications that created with Brekeke PAL are Operator Consoles, Speed Dial Panels, Phone Call Recorders, and Line Status Panels, etc.

Pricing & Availability

Brekeke PAL is offered as an add-on to the Brekeke PBX server license. The cost to add the Brekeke PAL option is US$300.00 per Brekeke PBX license. Client applications developed with the Brekeke PAL may be distributed royalty free.

Free 60-day Trial Download and sample code are available through the Brekeke website:

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About Brekeke

Brekeke Software is a leader in developing innovative SIP-based software products for creating telephony and media communication systems. Founded in 2002, Brekeke is headquartered in San Mateo, California. Brekeke offers innovative technology with Brekeke PBX, Brekeke SIP Server, Brekeke JTAPI SDK, and newly introduced Brekeke PAL. Our design architecture provides feature rich, user-friendly products, and simple installation.

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