COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - Congress may think they know more than the Generals, but 69.3% of Americans think the Generals know best, according to the latest BIGresearch American Pulse™ Survey of 4,043 respondents.

Who is more capable of developing military strategy for the U.S.?

                      All 18+   Male   Female  18-34   35-54    55+
Military Generals      69.3%   70.2%   68.5%   60.9%   70.7%   76.3%
Voters                 11.3%   10.5%   12.1%   15.6%   11.2%    7.0%
President               8.0%    7.8%    8.2%    9.4%    8.3%    6.2%
Congress                6.8%    6.5%    7.0%    8.0%    5.6%    7.1%
Senate                  2.8%    3.1%    2.5%    4.1%    2.0%    2.4%
Bureaucrats             1.8%    1.8%    1.7%    2.1%    2.1%    1.0%
in Washington

Other key findings:

  · 77.3% say reality TV stars get too much media attention... 16.2%
    could care less.
  · 45.5% say homeowners should be allowed to use Government insurance to
    refinance to stay out of foreclosure. 38.1% say the Government
    shouldn't get involved.
  · 50.9% feel they wouldn't have any problems getting approved for a new
    loan or refinancing an existing loan. 32.3% say they fear they
    wouldn't get approved.
  · It appears Oprah's recommendations may sell books, but her endorsement
    of Barack Obama won't have much impact... 72.5% say they don't let her
    decide how they feel.

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