SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 27, 2007) - 4th Story, a leading provider of automated trading software to institutions, hedge funds and broker-dealers, today announced that it has integrated MATLAB® with 4S.Everglades™, its high-performance automated trading strategy platform.

Trading strategies, computations and/or trading signals generated by The MathWorks flagship product, MATLAB, can now be moved into real-time, low-latency production quickly and efficiently using 4S.Everglades. The integration is general purpose, which allows 4S.Everglades to call MATLAB functions and manage MATLAB runtimes.

4S.Everglades includes market data and FIX connectivity, real-time monitoring of the strategy's indicators and blotters for signals, orders, transactions, positions, and P&L and execution performance and full visibility into the strategy's decision making process.

"There are many MATLAB developers working on automated trading strategies. Moving those strategies from development and testing into live production can be challenging," noted Steven Smith, Chief Executive Officer of 4th Story. "However, by using 4S.Everglades, they and their proprietary algorithms can remain in a comfortable MATLAB environment yet still trade in real time on a robust, professional platform."

4th Story is a member of The MathWorks Connections Program as a product partner. "We are pleased to participate in this program, which helps bring MATLAB users seamlessly integrated third-party products such as 4S.Everglades to fill their need for a complete solution," added Smith.

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4th Story, LLC's suite of software quickly enables and manages automated trading opportunities for brokers, hedge funds and institutional traders. The company's products give the user the power of rapid testing and implementation of arbitrarily complex quantitative, algorithmic and automated trading strategies.

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