SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - September 27, 2007) - Carbon Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: CABN), the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform earth destroying carbon dioxide into earth friendly carbon products, today announced that the company's shares have been approved for trading on the NASD's Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board market under the symbol CABN.

"We are very excited to go forth under our new trading symbol, CABN," said Derek McLeish, the Company's President and CEO. "Current shareholders and potential new investors can use the symbol to obtain our trading and financial information, as well as getting news about our company's developments and accomplishments."

Carbon Sciences is developing an innovative, patent-pending technology that can transform carbon dioxide ("CO2") into useful carbon products that can be used in building materials, paper, plastics, fertilizers and other industrial applications. By applying its technology at the source of CO2 emission, such as coal-fired power plants, factories and fuel refineries, Carbon Sciences intends to transform CO2, a harmful waste product, into useful products for industrialization.

CO2 is a major greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. In 2005 there were 25 billion metric tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere. That amount is projected to grow to 34 billion metric tons by 2015. Approximately one third of that is from the combustion of coal for the production of electricity. As bad as it is for the environment, the growing number of new coal-fired power plants is seemingly unstoppable to accommodate global industrialization. For example, China is on track to add over 500 new coal-fired power plants, nearly half the world total of plants expected to come online over the next decade, at an average of almost one per week. The United States is on track to add 155 new coal-fired power plants as well.

"Existing strategies deal with CO2 emissions by capturing CO2 and sequestering, or burying, them in underground geological formations and the ocean floor," stated Mr. McLeish. "We believe that these are potentially dangerous solutions. Using our carbon transformation approach, we can offer a safer and more valuable solution to the world. At Carbon Sciences, we believe that by applying the best minds and innovative technology to the problem of human induced global warming, we can be a positive force in healing the Earth and making it a better place for our grandchildren and their grandchildren."

About Carbon Sciences, Inc.

Carbon Sciences, Inc. is developing an innovative technology to transform earth destroying carbon dioxide (CO2) into earth friendly carbon products. We call this breakthrough GreenCarbon™ Technology. By eliminating harmful CO2 from human created sources, such as power plants and industrial factories, we will help reduce global warming. By transforming harmful CO2 into useful carbon products, such as building materials, our patent-pending technology will help create environmentally friendly products and industries. To learn more about the Company, please visit our website at

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