OTTAWA--(Marketwire - October 2, 2007) - Ewire -- Validian Corporation (OTCBB: VLDI), a leader in application security software and solutions, today announced it has resumed trading on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB).

In May, Validian finished filing all past due annual and quarterly financial reports through its first financial quarter ended March 31, 2007, bringing the company current in its financial reporting with the SEC.

CEO Bruce Benn said, "Our return to the OTCBB listing is an important step in moving our business forward. This is vital to strengthening our credibility and in building the support of market makers, potential investors and business partners as well as current shareholders. We want our operations to be as transparent as possible so that the financial community can see and understand the progress we are making."

About Validian

Validian Corporation is a leader in the development and marketing of innovative application-security and secure data-exchange software and solutions for public and private enterprises. Validian ASI™ is a software-only development and deployment environment for peer-to-peer (P2P) and client-server architectures that enables application authentication and secure data exchange to be integrated directly into applications rapidly and easily, lowering development and deployment costs. ASI protects against attacks by authenticating applications thereby preventing the hacking of applications, and by encrypting and decrypting data within applications to ensure data exchanged between trusted applications never travels in the clear, thereby preventing the theft of data during transit. Cost-effective, simple-to-deploy and easy to manage, Validian solutions facilitate security audit compliance. A U.S. corporation, Validian has offices in the U.S, Canada and Switzerland.

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