RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - October 3, 2007) - Successful pharmaceutical companies must build commercialization structures that integrate project management and marketing, according to a recent study by pharmaceutical intelligence provider Cutting Edge Information (

Pharmaceutical companies lose valuable time when launching a product due to errors in project management and the roadblocks created by less-than-optimal marketing team structures. In other words, early-stage structures bridge the gaps between R&D and marketing, which saves critical time after launch.

"Uniting R&D and Marketing for Integrated Early-Stage Market Preparation," available at, includes strategies and tactics from 15 top pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Novartis, Merck, and Sanofi-Aventis. Failing to unite marketing and R&D in the drug development process may cause companies to spend millions on drug candidates that may not be commercially viable.

The reporting relationships between commercial teams and R&D often dictate the timeline by which a company can launch a product. With poor team structure carried throughout the entire development cycle, communication breakdowns can easily delay launch -- costing companies millions of dollars in lost revenue due to less time on the market before patent expiration.

"The most basic thing companies can do to bridge that gap between marketing and R&D is to put commercialization personnel on the early-stage project teams," said Elio Evangelista, research team leader at Cutting Edge Information. "A liaison is a great place to start."

Most companies implement dual-team oversight of compounds. One team usually oversees clinical development while the other focuses on marketing activities. The level of strategic influence varies for each team depending on the company. Implementing the wrong early-stage commercialization structure, or one that does not fit with corporate culture or ideals, could lead to poor communication between marketing and R&D and even delay launches.

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