EVANSVILLE, IN--(Marketwire - October 17, 2007) - Dr. John Skinner, Executive Director and CEO of SWANA, the Solid Waste Association of North America, is pleased to announce that Energy Systems Group (ESG) was awarded SWANA's Bronze Excellence in Solid Waste Management Award in Landfill Gas Utilization. The award will be publicly presented at WASTECON, SWANA's annual solid waste exposition, on Thursday, October 18, 2007 in Reno, Nevada.

Energy Systems Group was presented SWANA's Excellence Award for the success of their Landfill Gas Utilization program at the Iris Glen Landfill Gas to Energy Facility in Johnson City, TN. An innovative collaboration between the City of Johnson City, TN and Energy Systems Group, the landfill project employs inventive use of landfill gas that conserves natural resources, reduces greenhouse emissions, and provides a long-term revenue source for the City of Johnson City.

One of the first of its type, the Iris Glen Landfill project employs an innovative membrane filtration system; ESG engineered and built the landfill gas processing system to convert raw low-BTU gas to clean high-BTU gas as a direct replacement for natural gas. ESG constructed a four-mile pipeline through the city to the Mountain Home Veterans Administration Medical Center where the renewable gas is used to generate electricity and steam.

The Iris Glen Landfill Gas to Energy Facility eliminates the equivalent amount of emissions as would be saved by removing 34,000 cars from the road, or planting 49,000 acres of trees, or heating over 11,000 homes.

"SWANA is pleased to honor Energy Systems Group for the outstanding accomplishments they have achieved over the past year. Their commitment to advancing solid waste management is resulting in a cleaner environment and improved public health. We are very proud of their efforts," said Skinner.

"We are extremely proud of this investment and pleased to deliver all the benefits of such an environmentally responsible project," commented Jim Adams, President of Energy Systems Group. "ESG continually develops innovative projects that promote energy conservation while providing long-term solutions for the communities we serve."

SWANA's Excellence Awards Program recognizes outstanding solid waste programs and facilities that promote socially, environmentally and economically sound management of solid waste. Award winners demonstrate their commitment to environmental regulation compliance, program efficiency, safety and progress.

About ESG

ESG is an award-winning energy solutions and performance contracting company providing innovative and self-funding solutions improving the efficiency, operation, and budgets of building owners. ESG delivers these improvements from offices in Evansville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Johnson City, Raleigh, Nashville, Clearwater, St. Louis, Louisville, and Richmond. ESG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vectren Corporation. ESG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vectren Corporation (NYSE: VVC). To learn more about ESG, visit their website at www.energysystemsgroup.com.

About SWANA:

For over 40 years, SWANA, The Solid Waste Association of North America, has been the leading professional association in the solid waste management field. SWANA's mission is "to advance the practice of environmentally and economically sound management of municipal solid waste." SWANA serves over 7,600 members and thousands more industry professionals with technical conferences, certifications, publications and a large offering of technical training courses.

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