SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - October 22, 2007) - Mitchell International, a leading provider of information, workflow, and performance management solutions to the collision claims and repair industries, today announced that its dispatching solution -- Smart Dispatch™ -- continues its successful pace of insurance carrier adoption, averaging one new customer per month since its commercial release in October 2006. Over the past year, multiple Top Ten Property & Casualty insurers have either purchased or are piloting the product. Smart Dispatch is the first fully web-based resource planning and optimization system that uses CIECA XML to automate scheduling and dispatching thereby creating a more productive and efficient claims settlement process.

Smart Dispatch is built on proven scheduling technology used by major public utilities and supply-chain management operations. As a result, the product's sophisticated and customizable rules engine fully supports carriers' internal policies and practices as well as provides powerful reporting features for strategic resource planning and trend analysis. Smart Dispatch gives carriers the flexibility to dispatch assignments via the Web, email or text-message or PDA to further increase dispatching efficiency and convenience. Furthermore, Smart Dispatch uniquely uses CIECA XML enabling easy integration with a carrier's claims systems.

"We are thrilled with the widely recognized ability of Smart Dispatch to give carriers the opportunity to greatly enhance claims handling productivity and promote superior customer service with fewer staff, a compelling economic advantage given the competitive realities of the automotive insurance marketplace," said Jesse Herrera, Sr. Vice President of Product Management, Mitchell International.

Herrera added, "Each day that a claim remains unsettled, carriers are saddled with cumulative administrative costs, car rental reimbursements and storage fees for non-drivable vehicles. Smart Dispatch's automated dispatch and resource allocation system helps carriers increase productivity by reducing overall miles driven and overtime costs, as well as increasing the number of assignments an estimator handles. And, insurers can look forward to our dispatching technology to be a part of the soon-to-be-released Mitchell WorkCenter™ solution that will provide even greater claims workflow cohesion with functionality linked together in a single platform. WorkCenter Dispatch, as it will be called, will have an even greater positive effect on workflow as it sets in motion a more tightly integrated and highly responsive process."

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Mitchell International ( is a leading provider of information, workflow, and performance management solutions to the automotive insurance claims industry, serving carriers, collision repair facilities, and other commercial participants in the physical damage and auto-related medical claims markets. Mitchell facilitates millions of electronic transactions between more than 16,000 business partners each month to enhance their productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction levels.

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