LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - October 23, 2007) - After a seemingly endless hiatus (only three years), finally Fabrizio Boccardi, Executive Chairman of King Midas World Entertainment (KMWE), and founder of the King Midas World and Seven Sins™ Brands, has at long last reunited with former public relations firm, Eileen Koch & Company (EKC) to spearhead his latest configuration. And according to Boccardi, this decision was an obvious one. "There is no one better or more effective than Eileen Koch & Company as she is dedicated, creative and gets the job done." EKC will be handling the promotion of a developing series of epic novels and thrillers loosely inspired on Boccardi's extraordinary and idiosyncratic life and vision, as well as all other business ventures under the umbrella of King Midas World's and/or Boccardi Capital's affiliates.

Step one in this monumental project is the unique and Epic novel itself, "The Seven Sins"™, acutely written by bestselling author, Jon Land, which is set to be published and released to the United States and Canada by FORGE Books in June 2008, just in time for Father's Day. The first story introduces the dramatic tale of fictional hero, Michael Tiranno™ and his harrowing rise to power. From the perils of Sicilian orphanhood to the creation of an American empire, his unprecedented historical ascension is truly the stuff of gripping drama. New York Times Best-selling Author Vince Flynn calls it, "'The Godfather' re-imagined for a new generation."

Tiranno, Italian for Tyrant, has created an empire by mastering the elusive world of high finance, becoming the owner of the most lavish casino in the world, The Seven Sins of Las Vegas, and of King Midas World's brand conglomerate. An epic tale that reinvents the rags-to-riches story, Tiranno's saga, deeply interwoven with moral and sinful dilemmas threatening the state of King Midas World, his Casino Empire, is the crux of this riveting series destined to reinvent the typical adventure.

"From its bloody opening in Ancient Rome to its pulse-pounding climax set amid the glitter of Vegas, 'The Seven Sins' stretches a taut balance between historical mystery and cutting-edge terror. Here is a novel that turns ink and paper into pure adrenaline," describes James Rollins, New York Times Best-selling Author, of the highly anticipated novel.

Limited not only to novels, "The Tyrant™" brand is fixed to expand to an international franchise inspired by Michael Tiranno, King Midas World's vision, and Boccardi's personal mantra: "to dream, to dare, to win." With the highly anticipated development plan in motion to expand the Tyrant's franchise into a major motion picture production already en route, as well as the video gaming industry, EKC will help usher the franchise to the level of legacy reminiscent of James Bond's timelessness and longevity.

EKC is thrilled to embark on yet another unquestionably triumphant business venture with Boccardi, as past accomplishments prove nothing short of an unbeatable and idyllic union. Koch explains, "I am proud to work with Fabrizio Boccardi who I consider a rare phenomenon and a true visionary who will leave an imprint that will stand the test of time." EKC has a long and intricate history with Boccardi, helping to establish him as the next "King of Las Vegas," launching the always-unpredictable and visionary entrepreneur into the media spotlight.

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