RICHMOND, BC--(Marketwire - October 23, 2007) - Sage Software announced today the availability of Sage Accpac Insight 5.4, a new version of the company's analysis and business intelligence tool for small and mid-sized businesses. Designed for use and integrated with Sage Accpac ERP(1) (enterprise resource planning), Sage Accpac Insight utilizes key business data contained within Sage Accpac ERP, and is ideal for employees in remote offices and disparate departments who need to manage, distribute, and collaborate this data from a single, unified source. It allows users to quickly capture and integrate information into meaningful reports and securely distribute them across an entire company on demand. Sage Accpac Insight helps business owners dramatically improve reporting performance, make more informed decisions, and respond rapidly to ever-changing business conditions.

Sage Accpac Insight 5.4 offers an improved "out of the box" user experience, with more sample reports to choose from, more Sage Accpac ERP data to access, and more queries for analysis. Version 5.4 is even easier to use and navigate than previous versions, with an improved wizard-driven report design, and simplified processing of sales data with many functions now incorporated into fewer modules. Sage Accpac Insight is truly a comprehensive solution for an organization's reporting, analytics, budgeting and consolidations requirements, offering robust performance, plus excellent scalability via its Data Warehouse component.

"Sage Accpac Insight 5.4 is a tremendous analysis and business intelligence tool for small and mid-sized business clients," said Craig Perkins, owner of Perkins Business Services, LLC, a Sage Accpac business partner located in Everett, WA. "Its simplified user interface, combined with extensive drill-down capabilities, new reporting options, and some cutting-edge underlying technology make this application an invaluable, comprehensive business management planning and forecasting tool for our Sage Accpac ERP clients."

Improved Reporting and Filtering

Sage Accpac Insight 5.4 has a new report design 'wizard,' with custom criteria filters that offer users greater flexibility and control to extract the specific types of data they want to generate various reports for. Cross-module drill-down is also now available, along with customizable screens, custom ribbons for Microsoft® Excel™ 2007, and the ability to type in whatever values are desired, instead of having to pick from a pre-populated list.

The Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) filter setup has also been simplified in version 5.4, with multiple data sources now available in a single profile. For example, multiple Sage Accpac ERP source databases can now be brought into one single Data Warehouse, providing companywide, consolidated reporting; plus there are many more tables to extract data from.

Consolidation of Modules For Better Ease of Use

With version 5.4, Sage Accpac Insight combines the previous Author for Data Warehouse and Author modules into a single, new Author module, and the previous Viewer for Data Warehouse and Viewer modules into a single, new Viewer module. Other modules include Data Warehouse, Enterprise Budgeting, Consolidations, Alerts, and Web Deployment Server.

Forward-Looking Architecture

Like Sage Accpac ERP 5.4, Sage Accpac Insight 5.4 is dual-core processor compatible, with the ability to run in 32-bit compatibility mode on 64-bit 'next generation' processors from Intel® and AMD®, affording users key IT investment protection. Additionally, it is Microsoft® Office™ 2007 and Microsoft Vista™ compliant, and supports IBM® DB2® v9, 64-bit configurations of Microsoft SQL™ Server, plus the 64-bit version of the Microsoft Windows® operating system.

Pricing and Availability

Sage Accpac Insight 5.4 starts at an SRP of $1,000 (USD)(2), and is now available from authorized Sage Accpac business partners across North America. To locate a Sage Accpac business partner call 1-800-945-8007, or visit

About Sage Software

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(1) Sage Accpac Insight requires the installation of Sage Accpac ERP (100, 200 or 500 edition), which is sold separately.

(2) SRP listed is for the Author component, the one required module/minimum configuration for operating Sage Accpac Insight; other components/modules are options that add additional functionality, which are priced individually and sold separately.

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