ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - October 23, 2007) - IneoQuest Technologies, Inc., the leader in Multi-Dimensional Video Quality Management Systems™ and global provider of advanced quality and service assurance solutions for IP Video, today announced the release of IQDVx™, a PC-based software application that enables unprecedented visibility into the structure of IP Video by bridging the analysis requirements for both MPEG and IP. Using IQDVx, IP Video providers can analyze, troubleshoot and identify faults in IPTV media files -- and correlate anomalies and MPEG errors with the resulting picture quality as viewed by subscribers. With its targeted, multi-dimensional approach to analysis, IQDVx adds analysis depth to IneoQuest's IQPinPoint™ which includes an extensive line of award-winning hardware and software products aimed at lowering operational expenses (OPEX) associated with maintaining an IP Video network.

The First Hybrid Analysis Tool for IP Video

IQDVx is a direct response to a growing need in the Video Service Provider community for a comprehensive quality assurance solution that reflects the unique needs and complex nature of the IP Video transport network. Many advanced, complex technologies make IPTV possible, and the layering of these technologies can make troubleshooting IPTV networks difficult and time consuming. Legacy test and measurement tools made for traditional video transport networks simply cannot offer the in-depth analysis needed to maintain and enhance an IPTV network. IQDVx is the first standalone tool that identifies and displays errors in both the Ethernet/IP and MPEG layers through a simple, intuitive interface.

"Until now, the only way to identify and debug video problems in a mixed MPEG and IP environment was to use two separate venders' tools that weren't designed to work together and took additional time and resources to install and learn," said Marc A. Todd, president and CEO of IneoQuest. "IQDVx is an entirely new class of hybrid analysis application that allows video providers, for the first time, to correlate and visually display the effects of both IP and MPEG errors for quicker and more efficient troubleshooting and resolution."

The Power of Multi-Dimensional Analysis

By working in conjunction with IneoQuest's Video Quality Management System (iVMS) and hardware devices, such as the Singulus Lite probe, IQDVx completes the Multi-Dimensional view into the IPTV network, investigating the structure and analyzing the IPTV Ethernet frame, including both the MPEG and Ethernet components.

"This is the first time a provider has the technology to look at both the granular, engineering side of a video feed and the end result -- the picture in the viewer's home," Todd explained. "IQDVx not only helps providers detect quality issues in the IP stream, but it also allows them insight into what the viewer sees, giving them a repeatable, measurable method for correlating transport issues to real-world trouble calls."

IneoQuest will be giving demonstrations of the IQDVx software application live at TelcoTV 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia, Oct. 23-25 at show booth 737. For more information or to schedule a live demonstration at the show, please send e-mail to:

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