PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - October 24, 2007) - Results from outsourcing are not providing the returns expected and top executives and boardrooms are demanding greater accountability, including oversight by newly appointed Chief Sourcing Officers. Televerde, a leader in adaptive outsourcing solutions for market intelligence and customer acquisition, provides strategic insight with six critical tenets of how to maximize returns of outsourcing investments in a new white paper, "Beyond Outsourcing."

CEOs and senior executives will gain powerful insight of evaluation criteria needed to take full advantage of organizational sourcing options. The Televerde white paper explores the original intent of outsourcing from diverting resources, relieving functions to specialists and achieving new levels of capacity to the innovative business management practice known as "multisourcing". It is not just a new trend. Multisourcing is a vital business model that helps companies focus on what and how they source.

Typically outsourcing has been viewed as a "one-off" tactical engagement or way to cut costs. We explore how outsourcing has evolved from this simplified view into a revolutionary strategy, multisourcing, to succeed and sustain a competitive advantage. The white paper challenges classic "outsourced" thinking and governance to help organizational leaders understand how forward thinking companies are rewarded through their pioneering multisourcing strategies, gaining greater return on human capital investments.

"We want to provide a thought-provoking discussion of experiences and trends in the market place that will help leaders challenge the status quo and explore ways to evaluate their own outsourcing methods," says James H. Hooker, Televerde's President and CEO. "We know the strategies outlined in this insightful resource will help companies better compete when they incorporate multisourcing as a best practice to deliver new capabilities and leverage their core competencies."

This white paper can be downloaded at along with other white papers and research reports on customer acquisition and marketing insight best practices.

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