SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - In light of recent reports of questionable spending by veterans' charity groups, Freedom Is Not Free, an organization that provides aid to wounded veterans and their families, today issued tips for people concerned about how their charitable contributions are spent.

Last week a number of charitable groups were exposed for the small percentage of donated money that actually goes to the people they claim to help. The American Institute of Philanthropy gave an "F" rating to almost half of the veterans' charities it analyzed.

"It's inspiring to see that so many Americans give so generously to help the men and women who have fought for our freedom," said Freedom Is Not Free Chief Operating Officer Rodney Smith. "But it's a shame that there are a number of organizations out there that give more money to the people running the organization than they do to the veterans themselves."

Smith has the following tips for people concerned about where their dollars are being spent:

1.      Check out your charity using the web site  The
        site posts information (including tax returns) for ALL 501C3
        non-profit organizations.
2.      Verify what percentage of the money your charity spends on general
        administration and what percentage your charity spends on programs.
        Smith recommends you only support charities that spend at least 70%
        of their money on programs supporting their mission.
3.      Look at the backgrounds of the board of directors and the staff
        running the organization to make sure all the pieces are in place
        to fulfill their mission.
4.      Compare the mission statement of the organization with the actual
        services they claim to provide.
5.      If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call the
        organization directly.

"Freedom Is Not Free is an organization that gives money directly to veterans and their families and provides support for other organizations that serve the same mission as we do," said Smith. "We take great pains to make sure that our donors' dollars are getting directly into the hands of the people that need it most. And we hope these tips will help people feel more comfortable and confident about the money they give to us or to any other group they may be considering."

Since its establishment in 2005, Freedom Is Not Free has raised funds and focused to raise public awareness with the aim of easing our heroes' and their families' burdens. Freedom Is Not Free's unique Purple Heart Board is responsible for deciding how funds are allocated. Comprised of active duty and veteran Purple Heart recipients and their survivors -- "those who have been there" -- their role is to facilitate the best possible allocation of funds to serve the mission; aiding wounded service members, their families, and the families of the fatally wounded. (

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