SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 12, 2007) - Simple Star, creator of award-winning PhotoShow software and services, today announced the launch of its PhotoShow Developer Program, enabling websites to offer their own branded multimedia authoring, playback and viral sharing tools. Through the new PhotoShow Developer Program, any partner site can now offer its customers the full power of PhotoShow: rich, personalized, multimedia experiences that present users' photo memories with broadcast-quality credits, captions, transitions, special effects, clip art and compelling musical soundtracks.

The PhotoShow Developer Program lets partners offer their own customized and branded PhotoShow authoring tools directly from their sites, so customers are not routed -- and possibly lost -- to a third-party site. Once created, these partner-branded PhotoShows can be viewed and shared virally by posting them into any website that accepts viewing widgets, sending them via email, ordering them as DVDs and even broadcasting them to cable TV through Simple Star's ground-breaking PhotoShowTV service. The partners' branding travels with each syndicated PhotoShow. In addition, partner sites can derive revenue from upgrades to the premium PhotoShow authoring service and the PhotoShow DVD service, which is currently offered by industry leaders Kodak and Shutterfly.

"For the first time, through the PhotoShow Developer Program, web-based organizations are provided with a seamless way to extend their brands, increase their value and generate revenue by offering their own branded online multimedia tools," said Chad Richard, Simple Star CEO. "This capability helps ensure that site visitors aren't lost to third-party environments and creates a unique way for sites to distribute their brands widely through the viral nature of PhotoShows."

Examples of websites that will be integrating PhotoShow include social media sites, for rich multimedia sharing, photo sites, to provide their customers with PhotoShow DVDs, media sites, such as newspapers, to offer their readers' user-generated content and multimedia classifieds, and cable television portals, to allow their customers to broadcast content to TV.

PhotoShows help consumers share their memories in new, entertaining ways by turning user-generated content -- digital photos and videos -- into compelling shows that combine broadcast-quality credits, captions, transitions, special effects and animations with great musical soundtracks. Unlike ordinary slideshows, PhotoShows are incredibly easy to create, yet have the ability to amaze any audience. Millions of people are experiencing PhotoShows through Simple Star and its wide range of partners.


The PhotoShow Developer Program officially launched today. To learn more please visit:

About Simple Star

Founded in 2001, Simple Star develops software products and services that help consumers share their memories in entertaining ways through PhotoShow, the most complete and easy-to-use photo platform available. Simple Star distributes its award-winning PhotoShow software through partners such as cable companies, digital media software providers, online photo services, retailers with photofinishing services and hardware manufacturers. Millions of new users are creating, sharing and viewing PhotoShows every month. Across multiple business sectors momentum is building that PhotoShow is an emerging standard. Simple Star partners include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Nero, Kodak, Shutterfly, Ritz Camera Centers and Walgreens.