HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - December 17, 2007) - If you enjoyed turning the clock back one hour last month, imagine turning it back a few years. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (www.mybeautifulbody.com), one of the largest private plastic surgery practices in Texas, has introduced the state-of-the-art Fraxel SR1500 Laser, which can turn back the clock on aging and sun-damaged skin.

Adding the latest generation of Fraxel laser treatment is part of the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery's continuing effort to provide patients with the most up-to-date and innovative cosmetic enhancements. It is a safe, non-invasive procedure that restores skin to a youthful and healthy look.

"This next-generation Fraxel laser penetrates as deep as conventional carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers to stimulate collagen and to revive a more youthful appearance. However, unlike with CO2 lasers, the Fraxel laser keeps the skin's top layer intact which allows for a much faster recovery," said Paul F. Fortes, M.D., a plastic surgeon at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery. "The Fraxel is an important part of our repertoire, offering an excellent solution for photo damage as well enabling us to focus on fine lines."

With a myriad of deep microscopic columns of tissue coagulation, the new device reduces dispersion of heat, enabling the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery to use higher energies and treat more deeply. The result is smoother, clearer, firmer rejuvenated skin. Pores shrink. Wrinkles, acne scars and other scarring diminishes. Age spots and brown spots disappear.

Benefits of the new laser include the following:

--  It is a non-invasive, effective and safe technology option for skin
--  It helps patients suffering from acne scarring, melasma, hormonal skin
    discoloration, sun damaged skin, periorbital wrinkles and age spots.
--  The procedure is completed without disturbing the skin's protective
    outer barrier, resulting in natural stimulation of new collagen.
--  There is minimal downtime with this procedure, patients can usually
    return to work the next day.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved the Fraxel SR1500 for the treatment of melasma, acne and surgical scars. Treatment spares healthy tissue, so it is effective even on delicate skin areas, such as the neck, chest and hands.

For an appointment or a complimentary consultation, call the Aesthetic Center For Plastic Surgery at (713) 799-9999.

About the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery

The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery was founded in 1996 by Dr. Christopher K. Patronella, Dr. Henry A. Mentz, III, and Dr. German Newall. Today, ACPS has seven surgeons and a highly trained and professional staff that works with thousands of patients each year to achieve their appearance goals. ACPS also features the Center for Clinical Research and Plastic Surgery Education to educate, evaluate and offer the latest and safest techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery. For more information, visit www.mybeautifulbody.com or call (713) 799-9999.

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