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Policymakers Fail to Keep Consumers Safe From Social Security Fraud -- IdentitySweep Steps In

Private Companies Called to Play Larger Role in Employing Top Notch Security Services to Prevent Identity Theft

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwire - December 18, 2007) - MyPublicInfo, Inc. (, a leading provider of identity theft scoring and monitoring solutions including its signature product IdentitySweep, is calling on private technology firms to bring elite products to market that reinforce comprehensive data protection policies instead of waiting for Congress to take action. The Consumers Union recently urged policymakers to limit hackers' access to Social Security numbers to decrease the multimillion instances of identity theft in the United States. However, waiting for Congress to enforce viable solutions available on the market is a waste of time and resources and leaves consumers unprotected. While it is crucial for the government to play a role in helping victims of identity theft regain their identity, it is the responsibility of retailers to implement available services of the highest-standard in order to protect the identity of their customers.

"Consumers are exposed to credit and identity fraud by corporations who are not investing the necessary funds in top quality data security. The technology to prevent identity breaches is widely available and just not being properly utilized," said Pat Dane, Chief Revenue Officer, MyPublicInfo. "Moving forward we need more class action lawsuits against large organizations that compromise the safety of unsuspecting shoppers. Only this will incite companies to employ stronger data protection services. We cannot wait for policymakers to come in and provide necessary regulations; the responsibility is on private technology companies to provide high-quality identity theft prevention tools."

MyPublicInfo's IdentitySweep is the first real-time identity management service for consumers, available for use at The service empowers users to proactively protect their personal information and avert identity crimes through innovative software tools that "sweep" the Internet for their personal information.

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