BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - December 18, 2007) - Rogue Wave Software, Inc., the leader in enterprise class C++ components and infrastructure, today announced the release of Rogue Wave® SourcePro® C++ Edition 10.0. The new edition offers enhanced functionality through full integration of the Apache C++ Standard Library, the addition of an RWZone database with time zone info for the entire world and support for multiple operating systems, compilers and databases.

The integration of the Apache Standard C++ Library is a major milestone for Rogue Wave and a continuation of their leadership in C++ product delivery. In 2005, Rogue Wave donated the Rogue Wave Standard Library to the Apache Software Foundation to create the Apache C++ Standard Library project (stdcxx). They are one of the principle committers to this project, which just graduated from incubation to become a top level Apache project. With the release of Edition 10, the Apache C++ Standard Library is shipped and supported with SourcePro C++. For more information about the Standard C++ Library project, go to

"The SourcePro C++ Edition 10.0 is part of our strategy to deliver solutions that increase developer productivity while decreasing schedule and reliability risks when building C++ applications," said Patrick Leonard, Vice President Engineering and Product Strategy at Rogue Wave. "By abstracting away the complexity inherent in developing in a native environment, the enhanced product offers enterprises the benefits of a managed environment. With SourcePro Edition 10.0, Rogue Wave continues to build on the most trusted foundation to build enterprise C++ applications."

Version 10.0 also features the Essential Tools Module, where users now have the option of using the new implementation of RWZone, which includes and uses the Olsen Time Zone Database. The database provides portable, consistent time zone information for nearly every time zone on the globe -- accurate time zones are imperative in financial transactions such as stock trades.

With SourcePro C++ Edition 10.0, Rogue Wave has enhanced its support for key industry protocols, operating systems, compilers and databases. In particular, Rogue Wave has added Internet Protocol version 6 (IPV6) support on all platforms and enhanced Threadpool so that users can resize as needed. SourcePro C++ 10.0 added support for the following:

-- Windows Vista

-- SuSE Linux 10

-- RHAP 5.0

-- SuSE 9 SP 3 AMD

-- Win2k3 x64 AMD

-- Sun Studio 11 on Solaris 8,9 and 10

-- Sun Studio 12 on Solaris 9 (AMD) and 10

-- Visual Age (xlc) 9.0 on AIX 5.3

-- Intel 10.0

-- IBM DB2 Call Level Interface 9.1

-- IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit 3.00 on Windows platforms

About Rogue Wave SourcePro C++

Rogue Wave SourcePro C++ is a set of cross-platform C++ development components complete with documentation, source code and support that are designed with one goal in mind: to facilitate the delivery of effective C++ applications that are on time, on budget and work exactly to specification. For more information about Rogue Wave SourcePro C++, go to

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