ALAMEDA, CA--(Marketwire - January 15, 2008) - MetaSwitch today unveiled the latest addition to its family of softswitch and applications solutions, the MetaView Network Management System. In combination with the MetaSwitch class 4/5 softswitch, and MetaSphere service delivery platform and application server, MetaView significantly enhances carriers' ability to reduce operational costs even as they introduce compelling new services into the network.

The culmination of years of engineering effort, MetaView sports a host of features that will simplify network management for MetaSwitch customers.

--  Fault management across any multiple network elements: MetaView
    collects, correlates and reports alarms across MetaSwitch call agent, media
    gateway and signaling gateway systems, MetaSphere SDP and application
    servers, and selected third-party equipment including digital loop carriers
    that report error information via the embedded operations channel.
--  Advanced diagnostics. In an industry-first development, MetaView
    expands the already powerful diagnostics capabilities of previous
    MetaSwitch management systems with a new call diagnostics capability. This
    new feature stores low-level trace history on every call that is handled by
    the MetaSwitch Call Agent, facilitating troubleshooting of problems after
    the event.
--  A SOAP/XML provisioning model that enables easy automation and
    integration into third-party management systems.  The XML interface is
    designed to comply with the IMS Home Subscriber Server (HSS) Sh interface,
    facilitating integration with next-generation operations support systems.
--  A broad range of accounting and performance reporting tools. In
    another industry first, MetaView will collate real-time IP voice quality
    statistics from the media gateway and other VoIP equipment in the network
    to produce a graphical display of network-wide voice quality. When combined
    with the real-time monitoring of system resource utilization (down to the
    level of individual processors, disks and trunk interfaces on each system)
    service providers are able to proactively address any network capacity
    issues before they impact the customer.
--  "Out-of-the-box" integrated provisioning that allows any service
    provider to rapidly and easily deploy new services on the MetaSphere
    platform without the cost of interfacing multiple systems into a third-
    party NMS.

"Our carrier customers are increasingly looking to us for more than just a softswitch or applications platform -- they look to us, as a trusted partner, to help them deploy and manage a total ecosystem with MetaSwitch at the core," said Chris Mairs, chief technology officer, MetaSwitch. "With MetaSwitch, MetaSphere and MetaView, we are providing them with all the tools necessary to effectively deploy large-scale VoIP networks and manage the latest services for their users."

"With the growing complexity of IP-based networks, it is crucial that we have a clear view of what is going on," said Greg Floerke, senior vice president of operations and engineering, One Communications. "Today our network includes nineteen MetaSwitch media gateways and nine call agent servers deployed across seven states. MetaSwitch's investment in MetaView reflects the fact that they listen to their customers, and so understand that reducing operational complexity is the key to our business success."

About MetaSwitch

MetaSwitch is an industry-leading vendor of switching and applications solutions for both packet and circuit-switched networks. Its MetaSphere service delivery platform and applications suite enables a broad set of hosted IP communications services, while its core session control and media/signaling gateway products support a full range of Class 4/5 softswitch capabilities. Customers include many of the world's leading operators of wireline, wireless and cable networks, with deployments that scale to millions of subscribers.

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