CHINO HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - January 16, 2008) - With the National Restaurant Association forecasting revenues of over $558 billion for 2008, now is the time for prospective entrepreneurs to start their own business. This new software solution delivers the result.

RestaurantBiz Start-up Pro™ is a comprehensive business software solution that will walk users through all the necessary steps needed to start a restaurant. It serves as an excellent tool and operating plan to guide users through each aspect of their new business. These primary benefits save users thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of valuable time.

RestaurantBiz Start-up Pro™ includes:

--  Restaurant Start-up Operations Manual guide book.
--  Business Plan Pro Software with over 40 sample plans: Complete
    customizable sample plans with financial forecasting: sales forecast,
    profit & loss, cashflow, balance sheet, and break-even.
--  Marketing Solutions -- customer profile, strength-and-weaknesses
    analysis, product pricing calculator.
--  Restaurant Menu Analysis -- Analyze menu sales mix: popularity, cost,
    revenue and profit of each item.
--  Restaurant Safety Program Guide: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control
    Point (HACCP) safe food handling.
--  Restaurant Food Code and Policy Manual: Customize/create food safety
    policies for your restaurant.
--  Employee Policy Manual: Customize/edit a complete policy manual,
    simply and easily.
--  Productivity Pack: Employee scheduling, graphics creation/editing.
--  Employee Information Pack: You get required employee information
    display posters.
--  Office Suite software: Microsoft® compatible word processing,
    spreadsheet, database and slideshow.
--  Fire Safety software: Creates a fire safety manual -- instantly!
--  Hazard Awareness software: Creates a hazard safety manual --
--  Injury and Illness software: Creates a injury and illness safety
    program manual -- instantly!
--  The Government Loan Resource Guide: Loan and contacts for government
--  How to Get a Trademark: Complete process about how to get and register
    your trademark.
--  How to Get a Patent: Explains how to get and process your patent. is the premier Web site for restaurant start-ups. The site has been optimized to offer cutting-edge solutions for restaurant owners and includes tips and a free newsletter for visitors to the site.

Contact Information: Contact: Paul Daniels BizVentures, LLC Box 151 Chino Hills, California 909-510-0722