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Social Solutions and Results Leadership Group Help Organizations Strengthen Impact on Communities

Partnership Gives Nonprofits and Government Agencies a Complete Solution for Performance Measurement and Management

BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwire - January 17, 2008) - Social Solutions, nationally recognized for empowering human service providers and the organizations that fund them to strategically tie their efforts to measurable outcomes, today announced a partnership with Results Leadership Group (RLG), a provider of strategic consulting for nonprofit and government organizations to produce measurable results and better their impact on their communities. The partnership will provide organizations with thought-leading consulting services and the software for which to achieve measurable results.

Through the Results Accountability framework, RLG's consultants follow a step-by-step talk to action methodology to develop the capacity of nonprofits and government agencies to produce measurable results. With their educational programs, coaching, and technical assistance, RLG consultants help organizations to establish processes that result in long-term, sustainable social impact. In collaborating with Social Solutions' Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) Software, which enables organizations to strategically tie their efforts to their desired outcomes, nonprofits and government organizations will be provided with a unique tool for capturing and measuring data that supports Results Accountability.

"The Results Accountability framework and ETO Software are complementary tools that can have a powerful impact by their users if utilized together," said Mark Friedman, creator of the Results Accountability framework and author of "Trying Hard is Not Good Enough." "ETO Software helps collect and manage performance data, and the Results Accountability framework allows for a simple, common sense way to analyze the data and make transparent, data based decisions that improve the lives of customers and communities."

"We look forward to partnering with RLG to offer our customers a tighter link connecting ETO Software and RLG's training and consulting, especially since many of our customers are already benefiting from the Results Accountability framework," said Matt Schubert, CEO, Social Solutions. "Combining the expertise from RLG and the Results Accountability framework with the ease, flexibility, and efficiency of ETO Software gives organizations the one-two punch needed when it comes to results-based accountability and effectiveness."

The partnership between RLG and Social Solutions will also provide clients with results accountability workshops and training.

About Social Solutions and ETO Software®

Social Solutions challenges and equips human service providers and their funders to turn good intent into measurable change by relating efforts to outcomes. The company's ETO (Efforts to Outcomes) reporting software replaces one-size-fits-all data tracking with a reporting system tailored to the unique mission of each nonprofit organization. ETO Software® generates a clear and accurate measure of impact to improve service delivery, earn more funding, and reduce the time and resources dedicated to tracking performance.

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