ATHENS, GREECE--(Marketwire - January 17, 2008) - The Board of Directors of Goldenport Holdings Inc ("Goldenport" or "the Company") (LSE: GPRT), the international shipping company that owns and operates a fleet of container and dry-bulk vessels, is pleased to report that trading for the full year ended 31st December 2007 is expected to be in line with market expectations. The Company's final results for the year ended 31st December 2007 will be announced on Tuesday, 26th February.


Goldenport also wishes to announce the update on the trading of its fleet as of 16th January 2008.

The percentage of available days of the fleet already fixed under contracts (assuming latest charter expiration and exercise of all additional hire periods under charter) is as follows, as of 16th January:

                  2008(1)(2)     2009(1)(2)     2010(2)
Total Fleet       90% (89%)       56% (53%)       27%
Containers        88% (93%)       61% (56%)       33%
Bulk Carriers     94% (84%)       50% (46%)       21%

(1)Percentage of available days of the fleet fixed under contract
   as reported on 22nd October 2007 is given in brackets.
(2)The percentages above include only the currently operational fleet
   of 24 vessels and exclude the nine vessels for which we expect
   delivery in the future.


   Operational fleet
   Vessel              Type      Capacity  (US$)   Charter Expiration
   Containers                       TEU   per day Earliest  Latest(1)
   -----------      -----------    ------ ------   ------   -------
1  Bosporus Bridge  Sub Panamax    3,720  14,750   Feb-12    Aug-12

2  MSC Finland(2)   Sub Panamax    3,032  16,500   Feb-10    Apr-10
3  MSC Scotland(3)  Sub Panamax    3,007  20,770   Sep-09    Nov-09
4  Anafi            Sub Panamax    2,420  19,000   Apr-08    Apr-08
5  MSC Socotra(2)   Sub Panamax    2,258   8,000   Mar-08    Mar-08
                                          14,350   Mar-13    May-13
6  Howrah Bridge    Sub Panamax    2,257  14,180   Jul-09    Sep-09
7  MSC Himalaya     Sub Panamax    2,108  12,700   Dec-08    Jan-09
8  MSC Accra        Sub Panamax    1,889  14,200   Jun-12    Aug-12
9  Gitte                  Handy      976  11,385   Mar-08    Mar-08
10 MOL Brilliant          Handy      976  10,280   Jun-08    Aug-08
11 MSC Mekong(2)          Handy      962   6,150   Feb-09    Apr-09
12 MSC Emirates           Handy      934   7,000   Jan-09    Feb-09
13 Glory D                Handy      946   9,600   Feb-09    Apr-09
14 Achim                  Handy      930   7,600   May-08    May-08
                                           8,000   Oct-08    Dec-08
15 Tuas Express          Feeder      485   8,900   Mar-08    Dec-08

   Dry-bulk                        DWT
   -----------                  --------

16 Vasos               Capesize  152,065  23,950   Feb-11    Aug-12
17 Samos               Capesize  136,638  32,000   Oct-08    Dec-08
18 Ios(2)               Panamax   69,737  26,000   Apr-09    Jun-09
19 Gianni D             Panamax   69,100  51,500   Dec-08    Apr-09
20 Athos(3)             Panamax   67,515  19,300   Jun-10    Oct-10
21 Alex D              Handymax   52,315  30,000   Feb-08    Feb-08
                                          Note(4)  May-09    Jun-09
22 Limnos              Handymax   52,266  31,500   Jan-08    Jan-08
                                          50,000   Jan-09    Apr-09
23 Lindos(3)           Handymax   52,266  14,500   Jul-09    Nov-09
24 Tilos               Handymax   52,266  45,000   May-08    Jul-08

   Vessels under

   Vessel or Yard name          Capacity  Scheduled
   Containers            Type      TEU    Delivery
   -----------          ------- --------  ---------
25 Fortune(5)              Post    5,551    2008
26 Jiangsu Yangzijiang      Sub    2,500    2010
27 Jiangsu Yangzijiang      Sub    2,500    2011

   Vessel or Yard name   Type   Capacity  Scheduled
   Dry-bulk                        DWT    Delivery   Rate (US$) per day
   -----------          ------- --------  ---------  ------------------
28 COSCO               Supramax   57,000    2009      17,650+50% profit
                                                      share at BSI + 5%
29 COSCO               Supramax   57,000    2009      17,700+50% profit
                                                      share at BSI + 5%
                                                        over 18,200
30 COSCO               Supramax   57,000    2009                  -
31 COSCO               Supramax   57,000    2009                  -
32 JES(6)              Supramax   53,800    2008             18,000
33 JES(6)              Supramax   53,800    2008    Commercially managed
                                                      by Glencore AG

(1) Represents last day on which the charter may redeliver the vessel
    assuming exercise of all additional hire periods under charter
(2) The vessels MSC Socotra, MSC Finland, Ios and MSC Mekong will undergo
    dry-docking within quarter 1
(3) Athos, Lindos, MSC Scotland is currently on dry-docking
(4) The rate per day for the new Alex D contract will be announced in a
    later announcement
(5) The vessel Fortune is under reconstruction
(6) Both vessels owned under a 50:50 joint venture with Glencore AG

Captain Paris Dragnis, Chief Executive Officer of Goldenport, commented: "Our strategy to maintain presence in both the container and dry-bulk markets enables us to take advantage of the opportunities in each segment as they develop and translates into diversity and stability for our company. In this context, in 2007 we were able to further expand and diversify our investments in both segments acquiring vessels reasonably priced compared to the market conditions.

"In 2007 we got delivery of six second-hand container vessels, which contributed partially to the profitability of the year but will contribute in full in 2008. We also entered into eight new-building contracts for the construction of six bulk carriers with attractive scheduled delivery dates in 2008 and 2009 and two container vessels with scheduled delivery dates in 2010 and 2011, allowing us to double our fleet in terms of number of vessels. We believe that these contracted acquisitions reinforce our position in our strategic sub-segments of the container and dry-bulk shipping markets, enhance the earning potential of our company for the longer term and are in line with our prudent expansion strategy. Out of the six bulk carriers contracted, three have already been fixed under period employment for three years from delivery at attractive rates and one will be commercially managed by Glencore AG.

"Our defensive chartering strategy of employing our vessels on time charters has not only strengthened our 2007 results compared to previous years, but also allows us to weather through the weakness of the dry-bulk segment, as we have only one dry-bulk vessel opening for re-chartering in mid-2008, with 94% of our total dry-bulk fleet available days in 2008 secured under period employment.

"Most of our container fleet has already been fixed for 2008 with 88% of our total container fleet available days in 2008 secured under period employment. The three container vessels opening for re-chartering within 2008 and the vessel Fortune which is expected to be chartered by the summer provide upside potential given that the container chartering market environment remains healthy."

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Overview of Goldenport

Goldenport is an international shipping company that owns and operates a fleet of thirty-three container and dry-bulk vessels that transport cargo worldwide. The fleet consists of eighteen container vessels (including two new-build vessels with deliveries scheduled for 2010 and 2011) and fifteen dry-bulk carriers (including six new-build vessels with deliveries scheduled for 2008 and 2009). Goldenport is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker GPRT.

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