SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - January 18, 2008) - America's foremost financial expert Suze Orman and leading identity theft protection provider TrustedID today announce the launch of Suze Orman's Identity Theft kit, the first identity theft protection solution to cover your entire household as well as your financial and personal information. The kit offers consumers the broadest array of proactive protection in one easy-to-use solution.

Securing assets as diverse as credit reports, medical records, and credit card accounts, the protection offered by the kit covers not only the purchaser, but also extends to a second adult as well as children and elderly parents. The kit, initially launching on Jan.19, 2008 on QVC®, is also offered at a special introductory price that is less than half the price of other identity protection products that typically protect one individual. Together, these elements make Suze Orman's Identity Theft kit the most complete, proactive and cost-effective identity theft solution available today.

The FBI has called identity theft one of the fastest-growing crimes in America. Studies show it affects more than 15 million people a year, with an average loss of more than $3,000 in 2006 (Gartner study, 2007). Restoring credit and finances after identity theft can take weeks to months.

"The costs associated with identity theft are disheartening, especially when many Americans struggle already to make ends meet in today's economy," says Suze Orman. "Protecting your identity has become essential to successfully protecting your money, and I've partnered with TrustedID to offer the most comprehensive preventative protection possible."

Complete, Proactive & Affordable Protection, Right at Your Finger Tips

Unlike the traditional credit monitoring services available today, this kit offers a unique set of proactive protections to prevent identity theft. The kit starts with an anti-spyware installation to protect personal information stored on each consumer's PC and progresses with just a few effortless keystrokes to employ more than a dozen unique protection methods that secure financial as well as personal information--from bank accounts to medical records.

Among the most valuable proactive preventions in the kit are "fraud flags" which, when placed on credit reports, prevent anyone from opening new credit accounts in a consumer's name without their explicit permission. The kit also provides consumers with an on-call identity theft protection team, ready to assist with any questions and concerns, and is backed by a $1 million service warranty.

"To get even a fraction of the protection that Suze Orman's Identity Theft kit offers, individuals would spend significant time and money to manage a complicated web of agencies, credit institutions and service providers," says Scott Mitic, CEO of TrustedID. "More than any other protection solution available, our product makes protecting your identity simple, affordable, and effective."

Shortly after its launch on QVC, the kit will also be available online at,, and as well as through leading retailers nationwide.

About Suze Orman

Suze Orman has been called a "force in the world of personal finance" and a "one-woman financial advice powerhouse" by USA Today. She is a two-time award winning television host, New York Times bestselling author of six consecutive books, magazine and online columnist, writer/producer, and according to BusinessWeek Magazine (2007), the number one female motivational speaker in the United States.

About TrustedID

TrustedID is a leading provider of proactive consumer identity theft protection solutions, helping hundreds of thousands of consumers protect their identities. The company's products offer the most powerful solutions available today to stop identity theft before it happens. The company's products are available to consumers through the nation's leading financial institutions and consumer brands, as well as directly through TrustedID's website,

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