PORTLAND, ME--(Marketwire - January 22, 2008) - EnviroLogix, a leader in the development and manufacture of diagnostic test kits for GMOs and plant pathogens, released new diagnostic test kits for Tomato Apex Necrosis Virus (ToANV) and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV). EnviroLogix' QuickStix Kit for ToANV and QuickStix Kit for TSWV are immunoassay Lateral Flow Devices (LFD) for the detection of these plant pathogens in the field or in the lab. EnviroLogix also offers a high-throughput QualiPlate™ Kit for TSWV, a two-hour ELISA plate test for use in the lab. These test kits will help growers, breeders, seed producers and seed multipliers diagnose and initiate treatment for these severe tomato diseases.

Tomato Apex Necrosis Virus -- ToANV

ToANV (a torradovirus), confused for some time as a new strain of TSWV, was first identified in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico in 2007, and has since been reported in other areas. This virus has been described as causing "significant mortality of plants and unmarketable fruit," resulting in severe economic loss.

Before the introduction of the QuickStix Kit for ToANV, there were no tools available to diagnose the disease in the field. Symptomatic samples had to be sent to diagnostic labs where complex tests often took days or weeks to develop results. Because the disease is so virulent and economically threatening, early detection and fast, accurate diagnosis are essential to the application of effective control measures.

There are two reasons for the development of a field test for ToANV. First, it has symptoms similar to TSWV (and other tomato diseases), and a test that can distinguish these diseases will help in making good treatment decisions. Second, ToANV is a new disease, and early and accurate detection in the field is critical to establishing the boundaries of the disease and to managing it.

EnviroLogix' new QuickStix Kit for ToANV is a diagnostic test giving tomato growers and breeders the ability to detect the pathogen, initiate control measures, and to protect the investment in their crops.

Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus -- TSWV

TSWV (a tospovirus) is a disease that has been identified in tomato fruit and seed production fields around the globe for many years. According to agriculture specialists, researchers, diagnosticians and business practitioners, TSWV ranks as the plant virus with the "greatest prevalence, economic impact and demand for diagnosis."

Despite the existence of other diagnostic tests, there is a growing need for a rapid, dependable field diagnostic test for TSWV. EnviroLogix' new QuickStix Kit for TSWV is not only fast and accurate, it is an easy-to-use and robust field diagnostic test that provides results in five minutes or less.

In addition to field testing, the geographic and cyclical nature of TSWV and the need for large scale testing requires a fast, high-throughput ELISA test. EnviroLogix developed the QualiPlate Kit for TSWV using removable strip plates that runs in two hours. This test can be used to confirm field tests based on the QuickStix results, or it can be used independently to determine the presence of the pathogen in bulk samples.

The QuickStix Kits for ToANV and TSWV can be performed together using a common sample extraction process or may be used independently. They are quick, easy to use and accurate for on-site diagnostics. These kits, coupled with QualiPlate Kit for TSWV, will enable tomato growers, seed producers, seed multipliers, and independent testing labs to quickly and accurately determine the presence of either one or both of these diseases.

The new QuickStix tests for ToANV and TSWV, and the new QualiPlate test for TSWV are part of a growing line of plant pathogen diagnostics from EnviroLogix. Over the past year, the company has introduced rapid tests for soybean rust, Bacterial Fruit Blotch, Botrytis and Lettuce Mosaic Virus (LMV) among others.

According to Bruce Ferguson, president of EnviroLogix, "We are committed to developing a host of plant pathogen diagnostic and GM trait identification tests in a variety of formats to serve the needs of seed companies, breeders, growers, and distributors. To help our customers optimize quality and production, we are looking at some of the most critical pathogens."

Contact Information: Contact: Karen McGuire Horticultural Diagnostics Lead 1-866-408-4597