SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - January 23, 2008) - AmeriTales™ Entertainment, a first-of-its-kind character-based entertainment company that produces fictional action-adventure content around real-life historical figures, today announced the succession of real-life American heroes to be featured in its illustrated children's books to be released throughout 2008: Amelia Earhart, Thomas Edison, Jackie Robinson and Sitting Bull. This on the heels of AmeriTales Entertainment's recent launch of the first in the series, "Abraham Lincoln and the Forest of Little Pigeon Creek" (Hardcover, $19.95 U.S., ISBN 9780979873904), which follows young Abraham Lincoln's exploits in the Indiana wilderness.

"Our goal is to make real-life heroes part of children's popular culture just like fictional super heroes such as Spiderman, Power Rangers and The Incredibles," said Theresa Carter, president of AmeriTales Entertainment. "American students have demonstrated a mediocre command of history during a time when knowledge of the past would help us better understand the present day society we live in. We hope to plant the seeds for a life-long interest in history with our embellished, fictional approach to storytelling that is designed to entertain children while making American history fun, accessible and relevant to young readers. The result is a more meaningful entertainment product that amuses and engages kids while familiarizing them with well-known American icons they may not have been introduced to outside of the classroom."

Elizabeth Bauer, a mother of two young children who holds a Master's Degree in Educational Counseling, advocates this approach, having noted, "Most of the playing and learning experiences children have are centered on fictional-based characters, but much of what's currently on the market offers little or no redeeming value. Indeed, one of America's most pressing social problems is the lack of good role models for children. AmeriTales Entertainment's distinctive approach to children's storytelling -- fictional action-adventure tales centered around real-life historical figures -- provides parents with an alternative entertainment option that actually benefits kids."

The first title release in the series, "Abraham Lincoln and the Forest of Little Pigeon Creek," follows young Abraham Lincoln on a series of adventures set in the unbroken forest of Indiana. Kids ages 4-9 will be inspired by the way young Lincoln uses books to help solve problems, and will benefit from the book's underlying messages of animal kinship and overcoming fear. "Abraham Lincoln and the Forest of Little Pigeon Creek" gives kids a rare glimpse into Lincoln's personality as a child, underscoring qualities that helped him rise to become the President of the United States of America. Bold illustrations, colorful language and an action packed setting make this book a true page turner kids -- and their parents -- are sure to love.

In honor of Presidents' Day, throughout February 2008 consumers will save 20% when purchasing "Abraham Lincoln and the Forest of Little Pigeon Creek" online from, which will be offering the book for a reduced price of $15.95 during this period. The book is also available for online purchase through and

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Founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Diego, California, AmeriTales™ Entertainment is a pioneering family entertainment publishing and licensing company that produces fictional action-adventure content based on real-life heroes who shaped and influenced the American landscape. The first entertainment company of its kind in the world, AmeriTales Entertainment uniquely combines traditional fictional action-adventure storytelling techniques with real-life characters who exemplify American values, resulting in youth content that both amuses and educates. The company can be reached through its Web site at or via email at

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