ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL--(Marketwire - January 24, 2008) - Peyton demanded significantly more dynamics and productivity out of their supply chain and picking operation. The response was to award the order to re-design the logistics of its distribution center in Bluffton, Indiana (USA) to the automation specialists of solution provider Witron. For several years now, Peyton has relied on the competence of the Chicago-area-based logistics specialists, making the Bluffton re-design the second automation project order to Witron.

With the "DPS" (Dynamic Picking System), an IT-controlled and -automated warehouse and picking system for toteable articles, Witron offers a tailor-made system solution that corresponds ideally to Peyton's requirements in terms of an efficient picking logistics system. "Now this will be the second system of this kind installed within the Peyton supply chain. The proof of an operationally and financially efficient DPS system in Cleveland, Tennessee went a long way in convincing Peyton to move forward with the sequel in Bluffton, Indiana," explains Brian Sherman, sales and design engineer at Witron's US subsidiary located near Chicago, Illinois. "The modular infrastructure is an inherent part of Witron's diversified 'systems solutions kit.' And so is the high efficiency, availability and productivity of our warehouse and picking systems," says Sherman. "Hence, the conversion to IT-controlled processes requires a professional time and project management which we repeatedly proved for Peyton," adds Sherman. "The transition will be done step by step and will be completed in March of 2009."

The most important elements of the future warehouse and picking system based on "DPS" will be an automated tote warehouse with roughly 263,000 locations. Two levels of picking aisles are integrated within the tote AS/RS providing for 10 aisles on each level. Each aisle is separated into seven zones that are assigned to a picking workstation. This design results in 140 workstations and 19,000 picking channels in total. "Twenty miniload cranes serve the purpose of supplying single item storage totes to the static and dynamic pick channels, replacing the dynamic ones with alternate items upon system instruction, and re-storing them to the racking when no longer needed. Thus the allocation of the flow channels is subject to permanent change and adapts itself automatically to the order structure. The most frequently picked items are arranged close to the picking workstation in a kind of 'golden zone,'" explains Sherman. An automatic tote buffer with 13,400 locations and twelve stacker cranes on two levels consolidates the order totes that will be shipped to nearly 600 stores after being automatically stacked, palletized and secured for transport.

WITRON Integrated Logistics Corp.

WITRON Integrated Logistics, located in Arlington Heights, IL, is a leading company in material handling automation. WITRON's core competence is the design and implementation of innovative logistics systems. Significant cost reductions from labor and footprint savings, combined with further competitive advantages, have become the key customer advantages of WITRON Picking Systems. With more than 35 years of experience in the automation of distribution centers, WITRON's main focus is to realize the most efficient methods of order picking and replenishment.

As a systems integrator, WITRON has the ability to take complete responsibility for all phases of a project from design and implementation through ramp-up and maintenance. Headquartered in Parkstein, Germany, WITRON has grown to include subsidiaries in the USA, the Netherlands and Spain.

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