VALENCIA, CA--(Marketwire - January 25, 2008) - H2scan Corporation today announced that the company will be presenting at the 22nd Annual IFPAC Conference ( which will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, January 27-30, 2008. IFPAC is the leading conference in process analysis and technology.

Prabhu Soundarrajan will present on the topic of "On-Line real time Hydrogen Specific Sensors for Process Monitoring." The presentation will provide an overview of H2scan's technology capability, product offerings, benefits to the process analytical industry, and will share test results of the sensor operation in harsh gas backgrounds. The presentation will be featured in a session on "Process Understanding and Control," Wednesday, January 30th. As H2scan's lead scientist, Prabhu Soundarrajan conducts hydrogen sensor material research for process monitoring and currently directs H2scan's contaminant testing at Sandia National Labs. He also co-ordinates research with H2scan's industrial partners.

Additionally, H2scan will exhibit its HY-ALERTA and HY-OPTIMA product series in booth 215 at the conference for those interested in discussing the use of company's technology for process monitoring. The company will also provide a live demonstration of the hydrogen specific technology.

Patented "Chip on A Flex" Sensor Technology and UOP LLC

H2scan has developed and is currently selling a process harden hydrogen specific solid state sensor technology after years of testing and qualification at Sandia National Labs and large potential OEM's. H2scan has worked with UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, and a global industry innovator for the past four years to qualify the sensor for in-line process monitoring applications.

H2scan's HY-OPTIMA in-line process monitor is designed to be installed at multiple points in a process plant and directly linked to the DCS or a PLC. The sensor employs palladium-nickel alloy as the hydrogen specific sensing element on a patented flex circuit. The sensor element is manufactured with semiconductor techniques, suitable for a high throughput and consistent quality. The patented "chip on a flex" sensor has a broad range of temperature control and is uniquely coated to enable continuous operation in harsh process gas streams.

Dennis Reid, President and CEO of H2scan, added, "We are very glad to present our breakthrough technology at a leading process conference, this indeed marks a major milestone in H2scan's continuous success."

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About IFPAC (

For more than 20 years IFPAC has been providing high quality presentations by academia, government, analytical and process technology leaders in addressing a variety of sessions on topics including: spectroscopy, chromatography, biologics, knowledge management, and sampling systems. In addition, evening workshops promote lively discussion of current issues and throughout the conference there are many opportunities for networking and informal meetings.

About H2scan (

H2scan is the leading provider of high performance hydrogen specific sensor systems which provide accurate monitoring and control functions for a wide range of applications, including control systems, safety monitoring and alarm systems. H2scan also provides portable, hand-held configurations for easy leak detection and monitoring.

H2scan's hydrogen specific sensing systems based on a patented "Chip on a flex" technology are able to detect and measure hydrogen without false readings or expensive support equipment required. The sensing systems are able to detect hydrogen in air down to 15 ppm concentration over a wide range of temperatures without cross-sensitivities to other gases. The ability to operate in the presence or absence of oxygen with no interference with CO, sulfur, or chlorine separates H2scan from all other in-line measuring technologies.

The company's solid-state technology was developed at the U.S. Department of Energy Sandia National Laboratory and is only available commercially through H2scan.

H2scan Corporation is headquartered in Valencia, California, and was formed in 2002 with capital assistance from the Ravinia Venture Fund and Vancouver-based Chrysalix Energy Limited Partnership, which includes Ballard Power Systems Inc., Shell Hydrogen, The BOC Group, BASF Venture Capital and Mitsubishi Corporation.

Contact Information: CONTACT: Dennis Reid H2scan 28486 Westinghouse Place Suite 100 Valencia, CA 91355 PHONE. 661-775-9575 FAX. 661-775-9515 EMAIL: