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Falcon(R) Electric's SG and SSG Series(TM) UPS Receive Chaos Manor's Users' Choice Award

Power Protection Put to the Test in Recent California Storms

IRWINDALE, CA--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - Falcon Electric, Inc., a leading supplier of power protection and conversion solutions, announced today that Jerry Pournelle, well-known columnist and editor of the Chaos Manor Reviews, is honoring Falcon's SG and SSG Series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) as the recipient of the Chaos Manor Users' Choice Award. Known for their robust capabilities in mission critical applications, the SG and SSG Series were put to the test during a recent California storm that resulted in a power blackout at the Chaos Manor.

"When the big rains came to Los Angeles, we had power outages," Pournelle recalls. "The big one happened in the middle of the night. I happened to be working at the time. All of my major computer systems are protected by Falcon UPS boxes. First the lights blinked several times. Then they went off for about half a minute and returned. Finally they went off and stayed off. None of this had any effect on my computers: my online connections remained intact. There were no glitches whatsoever.

"I thought they might come back, but after several minutes I decided to shut down my computers in an orderly manner. This was no problem at all. I was now listening to a chorus of chirps as my Falcon UPS boxes complained bitterly that they had no input power. I went around to each and shut it down. Pushing a single button did the trick. Now all was quiet, and dark. Hours later, when the power returned, the Falcon UPS boxes woke themselves up. In half an hour, computing at Chaos Manor was back to normal."

"We are so pleased to receive this honor for the fourth time from someone as knowledgeable and respected as Mr. Pournelle," acknowledged Falcon Electric's Vice President of Engineering, Michael Stout. "It's great to know that our SG and SSG Series were able to provide him with strong power protection when he needed it the most. We know that our users are able to rely on Falcon's UPS technology in some of the toughest real world situations, and we hope to continue to surpass their needs and expectations."

Falcon's SG and SSG Series feature a true regenerative double-conversion On-line design to provide the highest level of protection against the widest spectrum of power problems. Auto restart, a comprehensive front panel user interface, site wiring indicator and built-in surge protection make these UPSes some of the most robust on the market today. Special models feature a unique voltage/frequency converter option for worldwide applications, working well in harsh environmental conditions where there is poor frequency input. Both the SG and SSG Series are able to provide a continuous, clean, tightly regulated power source from the most polluted incoming AC power, acting as electronic firewalls between incoming "dirty" power and sensitive micro-processor-based computers and automated systems found in industrial environments.

In addition to providing robust protection, Pournelle emphasized the universal capabilities of Falcon Electric's UPS systems. "Falcon UPSes come in many sizes and configurations, from a UPS suitable for a single user to those for establishments with thousands of computers and networks. They tend to last forever," Pournelle states. "All UPS systems are subject to having the batteries wear out, but I have used a number of brands of UPS, and the Falcon UPSes require battery replacement significantly less often than the others have. By significantly longer, I mean in some cases years. I have said this almost every year since I began this column: if your work is worth anything at all, it's worth protecting by an UPS; and if it's worth protecting, it's worth getting a Falcon UPS."

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