BRIGHTON, MI--(Marketwire - January 30, 2008) - Traditionally, small independent businesses and retailers had little chance of competing against big box stores or larger businesses on the internet. But and its founder Rick Sigler are putting shoppers in touch with their favorite local establishment via the internet, and Sigler thinks the Under 30 demographic is poised to launch a shift from newspaper inserts and direct mail to the internet for coupons to stores.

Sigler, who previously built Griffin Consulting into a software firm for Managed Healthcare, launched the template for in Livingston County, Michigan, between Detroit and Lansing. Sigler said that is designed to help small retailers in Downtown Main Street USA compete against the deep-pockets of larger, big box retailers along with all types of small businesses. works like this: For an annual fee of $300.00 per year, small businesses can post their names, contact information and coupons in the county where they do business. All non profits in a community may post event information at no charge on the site. will donate five percent of all membership fees back to the community, and will purchase $100.00 worth of goods and services from each business listed and donate that to residents of the community. This approach results in a net annual cost of only $200.00 per year per business. Through this process of "banding together," local small business communities can identify and retain more of their local residents and their consumer dollars.

"Under 30 customers and seniors are going to the internet to get information on retailers and coupons," Sigler said. "We also have the technology in place,, where consumers can download discounts and information via their cell phones. Our site is the one true site, totally dedicated to and for local businesses. We are the technology and e-commerce solution for local businesses."

According to Sigler, the technology is in place for small businesses in all 50 states to plug into

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