ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - January 30, 2008) - Franchise Genius LLC announces today the launch of a new online source,, designed to be the industry's most comprehensive and efficient destination for franchisors and prospective franchisees to successfully connect with each other. Launching with more than 1,400 franchises, features a rich set of interactive tools that go beyond current options in the marketplace.

"The franchise industry is a dynamic segment of the small business marketplace with franchises launching and shutting down annually, first-time franchisees entering any one of a number of verticals, as well as veteran franchisees looking to expand their portfolio," explains Angus Hill, founder of Franchise Genius. "Online franchise listing-only sites, which are numerous today, are no longer providing efficiency or value to the growing number of franchisees and franchisors. Many prospective franchisees -- first time and seasoned -- are ready for a single source that begins as a franchise listing service but really serves as a platform to search, compare and objectively evaluate franchise opportunities within this competitive and always changing landscape."

Learn, Search, Compare and Evaluate launches with a comprehensive database of information from franchising experts, franchising checklists and the how-to of getting started in franchising. The site will scale its Knowledge Center, adding blogging experts from disciplines such as public relations, financial services, marketing, branding and legal.

With 1,400+ franchise and business opportunities, the industry's largest opportunity database, offers an interactive tool for searching and sorting, then comparing franchises against various criteria. has plans to significantly expand its franchise database by the second quarter, distancing itself further from the current listing-only online databases.

To assist prospective franchisees in objectively and intelligently evaluating their franchise options, provides three sophisticated tools -- My Snapshot, My Hotlist and My Research Files -- all designed to bridge their search and evaluation process from one online session to another online session, ultimately expediting their closure on choosing a franchise.

"As a franchisee and franchisor, I like the fact that I can have one source for my online due diligence," explains Chris Morocco, former franchisee and now chief development officer of powerhouse franchise portfolio Raving Brands. "As a prospective franchisee, having a destination that houses two to five times more franchises than other destinations is a clear differentiator, eliminating the need for additional searches. As a franchisor, it's just smart business for our company to take advantage of this new source for prospecting, which also ensures that our data is refreshed regularly."

Lead Generation and Management System

For franchisors, Franchise Genius combines high quality lead generation with a powerful and proprietary lead management platform that can easily be integrated into the franchisor's in-house sales efforts.

"We want a destination that is dynamic and purposeful for both franchisee and franchisor, regardless of your size, experience or existing prospecting resources," explains Hill. "We expect 2008 to be increasingly competitive for the franchise business. Entrepreneurs want to find the best match for their future business endeavors and franchisors want franchisees that have done their due diligence and have an educated understanding of what it means to be a franchisee in their system."

About Franchise Genius

Franchise Genius LLC develops and operates the franchise industry's most innovative and effective online solutions to connect prospective franchisees and franchisors., the company's flagship online site, provides prospective franchisees with the industry's most comprehensive database of 1,400+ franchise and business opportunities across more than 100 markets with sophisticated search, evaluation, and selection tools to help entrepreneurs select their ideal business opportunity. Franchise and business opportunity sellers benefit from the industry's most powerful lead generation and management system that can be integrated into the franchisor's existing in-house sales efforts. Founded in 2007, Franchise Genius is based in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, visit

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