MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - January 31, 2008) - ADC (NASDAQ: ADCT) (www.adc.com) today announced that cruise ship cellular communications company Maritime Communications Partner AS (MCP - www.mcp.com), fully owned by Telenor ASA, has expanded its drive to enable shipboard mobile voice and data communications by installing ADC InterReach Unison® In-Building cellular systems on an additional 21 cruise ships in the North American market.

The InterReach Unison systems will provide GSM and CDMA mobile coverage in the ships' public areas, as well as passenger cabins and crew quarters. Each ship will typically be fitted with one main hub, four expansion hubs, and 25 remote units to provide the wireless coverage, and traffic will be connected with mobile networks on the mainland via existing satellite data links on each ship.

"This has been our biggest contract to date and represents a massive breakthrough for us into the US market," said Svein Haglund, technical project manager for MCP. "ADC has been a critical component of this success, allowing us to pitch for contracts with the knowledge that we can fulfill our customers' requirements for providing high quality mobile and data access services for their customers."

MCP chose the ADC InterReach Unison solution because of its overall performance, its cost-effective deployment, its ease of maintenance, and its pinpoint control. Unison systems are ideally suited for high-density environments such as ships (which pose unique wireless coverage challenges due to their myriad bulkheads and cabins), because each remote antenna unit delivers the same signal strength to ensure uniform coverage. In addition, the Unison system automatically alerts MCP's control centre if there is a component failure so this can be patched remotely and the fault is temporarily rectified until maintenance staff can fix the problem when the ship reaches port. And thanks to the Unison system's active, hub-based architecture, IT personnel on ships can fully control coverage at any time. For example, they can turn off wireless access in certain parts of the ship during dinners and performances.

"Our InterReach Unison system has been deployed by most of the world's major passenger ship companies because it delivers great performance and flexibility with easy deployment and a low cost of management," said John Spindler, vice president of product management for ADC. "We look forward to working with MCP in its effort to improve the passenger travel experience by extending the benefits of mobile communications out to sea."

About MCP

Maritime Communications Partner AS (MCP), fully owned by Telenor ASA, is the global maritime cellular operator focused on providing cost-effective GSM and CDMA communications solutions specially created to fulfil the requirements of the shipping industry. MCP enables cell phone coverage by installing and operating the ship-borne radio networks, linking the vessels with public networks via satellite. MCP operates its mobile services via roaming agreements with cellular operators throughout the world.

Through a partnership with MCP, the ship owners benefit by providing a service in demand to their passengers, thus enhancing their own competitiveness. MCP works in close cooperation with customers, providing unique business models based on revenue sharing and co investments in the vessel's operational infrastructure.

MCP is a fully recognised international cellular operator which handles all legal and regulatory challenges associated with the unique technology and service solutions that it provides to its customers.

For more information about MCP, please visit www.mcp.com.

About ADC

ADC provides the connections for wireline, wireless, cable, broadcast, and enterprise networks around the world. ADC's innovative network infrastructure equipment and professional services enable high-speed Internet, data, video, and voice services to residential, business and mobile subscribers. ADC (NASDAQ: ADCT) has sales into more than 130 countries. Learn more about ADC at www.adc.com.

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