SeeSaw Networks Offers Scale of Primetime TV With Addition of 8 New Affiliates

SeeSaw Reaches Masses by Aggregating 36 Digital Signage Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 12, 2008) - SeeSaw Networks, a media company offering the most extensive digital out-of-home media network, announced today that it added eight new affiliates to its digital signage network. The company now has aggregated 36 networks, offering advertisers the broadest digital signage network in the U.S. SeeSaw's affiliate network delivers more impressions than a spot on the average of the top five primetime shows in 2007, including American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and NBC Sunday Night Football.

PumpTop TV Network, one of the new affiliates, increases SeeSaw's reach in gas stations. While waiting for the pump to finish, consumers are engaged by advertisements mixed with current news and entertainment, including local sports scores, news headlines, weather and real-time traffic maps. SeeSaw has also added the Casino Channel Network (casinos), Acrosscut Media (hotels), HotSpot Network (information kiosks), LevelVision (college bookstores), Private Dental Network (dental offices), TMI C-Store Network (convenience stores), and Astralis (office buildings and hotels). SeeSaw continues to expand its network of networks to allow advertisers to reach people in their daily lives.

"SeeSaw has established a digital out-of-home media network with the national scale and impact that until recently only primetime television provided," said Jack Sullivan, executive vice president and media director at Starcom Worldwide. "And, through, we can create national campaigns that connect people to brands where most other media cannot reach them -- when they are out and about and paying attention."

SeeSaw's network now reaches people in 25 types of locations* including coffee shops, universities, restaurants, dental offices, and airports across more than 200 DMAs. The breadth of the network provides advertisers an unparalleled digital out-of-home media network to intercept people during their daily routines. SeeSaw's rigorous network qualification process, uniform media standards and online media services make SeeSaw the most efficient and effective solution for national digital out-of-home advertising campaigns.

ATMs                   Executive Airports     Quick Serve Restaurants
Auto Service Centers   Gas Stations           Sports Bars
Bars & Restaurants     Grocery Stores         Travel Centers
Bookstores             Health Clubs           University Campuses
Casinos                Hotels                 University Dormitories
Coffee Shops           Information Kiosks     US Border Crossings
Convenience Stores     Juice Bars             Veterinary Clinics
Dental Offices         Liquor Stores
Entertainment Stores   Office Buildings

*Table represents the categories of screens delivered by SeeSaw's network.

"The digital out-of-home advertising market is highly fragmented with hundreds of individual networks making it difficult for advertisers to execute national campaigns," said Peter Bowen, chief executive officer of SeeSaw Networks. "SeeSaw simplifies this complex landscape by aggregating digital signage inventory across multiple networks using a standardized set of media metrics. When you combine the scale of our network with the targeting capabilities of our planning service, you get the media impact of primetime television with targeting like the Web."

SeeSaw has invented a behavioral advertising methodology called Life Pattern Marketing that provides a media planning framework for advertisers to intercept people with digital out-of-home media where they work, play and socialize. For example, a college student may visit the coffee shop in the morning, a gas station on the way to campus, the student union for lunch, the health club in the afternoon, and a restaurant in the evening. Each of these types of locations contains digital signage from SeeSaw's extensive network of affiliates. SeeSaw's online media planning service,, enables campaigns that target life patterns such as college students, mobile millennials and alpha moms, and allows media planners to easily create other life patterns based on the behavioral characteristics of the advertiser's target audience.

About SeeSaw Networks

SeeSaw is the most extensive network of digital out-of-home media with more than 22,000 venues nationally and growing. Through its network of affiliates, SeeSaw currently delivers more than 35 million weekly gross impressions -- more than most primetime TV spots and at a fraction of the cost. SeeSaw operates, a media service that enables agencies to easily plan, buy and measure digital signage. On agencies customize campaigns across different venues, markets and demographics with unprecedented precision. With SeeSaw, advertisers can reach people in their work, play and social routines.

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