BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwire - February 21, 2008) - Social Solutions, nationally recognized for empowering human service providers and the organizations that fund them to strategically tie their efforts to measurable outcomes, announces open registration for its second annual user conference, ETOlution 2008 Driving Performance Management, to be held June 5th and 6th in Baltimore.

Open to ETO users as well as non-users, the event will offer practical tips, real-life examples, hands-on training, networking and thoughtful discussions with leaders in nonprofit management, including Mark Friedman, Marty Miles, and David Hunter. This year's conference will bring together service providers, evaluators, and funders from the nonprofit community to network and learn together from industry experts about the importance of tying strategic efforts and organizational funds to measurable outcomes using a "performance management" approach.

"Talk of performance management and accountability has never been more widespread, and we look forward to meeting with both our users as well as interested parties to further discuss these critical issues," said Social Solutions President Steve Butz. "The opportunity to share insights and network with each other is rewarding; everyone returns to their organizations armed with the knowledge and the inspiration to continue change."

The conference will include:
   -- Keynote lectures by:
      -- Mark Friedman, author of "Trying Hard is Not Good Enough: How to
         Produce Measurable Improvements for Customers and Communities"
      -- Marty Miles, lead consultant for Public/Private Ventures and
         author of "Good Stories Aren't Enough: Being Outcomes Driven in
         Workforce Development"
   -- Presentations by:
      -- David Hunter, managing partner of Hunter Consulting LLC
      -- Karen Walker, Ph.D, a research professor in the University of
         Virginia's Department of Psychology
      -- Steve Butz, President and Founder of Social Solutions
   -- Pre-Conference workshop on June 4th: "The Results Accountability
      101 Workshop" hosted by Friedman and the Results Leadership Group

About Social Solutions and ETO Software®

Social Solutions is a national technology firm, serving the reporting needs of thousands of human services professionals from local nonprofits to national foundations. The company's ETO (Efforts to Outcomes) reporting software replaces one-size-fits-all data tracking with a reporting system tailored to the unique mission of each nonprofit organization. ETO Software® generates a clear and accurate measure of impact to improve service delivery, earn more funding, and reduce the time and resources dedicated to tracking.

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