LOS GATOS, CA--(Marketwire - February 21, 2008) - Cryptic Studios™ announced today that it has chosen Reverb Communications for all its marketing and public relations initiatives. In this capacity, Reverb Communications will be responsible for extending Cryptic Studios' brand recognition with MMOG PC gamers and reaching over to next generation platform consumers through ongoing public relations, marketing and business development efforts.

Cryptic Studios is one of the leading independent developers of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). On Wednesday, the company announced it is developing Champions Online™, their first ever self-developed and self-published MMORPG. Champions Online, based on the popular pen-and-paper Champions RPG, will allow players to create their own hero and explore vast, richly detailed 3D environments while keeping the forces of evil at bay.

"Reverb Communications' extensive gaming experience and its blend of communication abilities was a unique offering that fit well with Cryptic's needs as we prepare our catalogue of new MMOG titles," said Michael Lewis, President of Cryptic Studios. "Reverb is a strategic partner that will help us create strategies and tactics for both Cryptic's short-term and long-term goals."

Reverb Communications will create programs for Cryptic Studios as well as advise them on existing events and programs to maximize product visibility, for further penetration of the MMOG market on a national and local level. In addition to creating programs to launch Champions Online, Reverb Communications will be responsible for corporate communications, consumer events and promotion of all other Cryptic Studio games.

"With our experience in launching new products in the video game space, we will build upon Cryptic's strong relationship with the MMOG community and position them as the premier MMORPG creator," said Tracie Snitker, Vice President of Public Relations of Reverb Communications.

For more information on Cryptic Studios please visit www.crypticstudios.com.

For more information on Reverb Communications please visit www.reverbinc.com.

About Cryptic Studios:

Cryptic Studios™, Inc., based in Los Gatos, CA, and established in July 2000, is one of the leading independent developers of massively multiplayer online games for the PC and next generation consoles. Cryptic Studios is an independent, employee-owned company committed to delivering the next level of unparalleled fantasy experience and bringing MMOG fans closer than ever to living out their online virtual life. Cryptic is best known as the creator of the award-winning City of Heroes® and City of Villains™ MMO titles. In Champions Online, the latest massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Cryptic, gamers will create a hero, completely customized to exact specification and ready to fight evil villains in a stunning 3D graphical world. For more information on Cryptic Studios, please visit www.crypticstudios.com.

About Reverb Communications, Inc.:

Reverb Communications, Inc., is a focused marketing agency that specializes in launching videogame titles and peripherals. The agency combines public relations, marketing, and sales programs to develop individualized communication campaigns that directly contribute to the bottom line of each client. For more information about Reverb Communications, Inc. please visit: http://www.reverbinc.com.

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