AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - February 25, 2008) - AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE introduces another customer driven power solution at APEC 2008, the "K" family of switch mode power supplies.

The profound effects of the digital age have impacted AMREL and the test & measurement industry. Users are demanding better, faster, smaller and easier-to-use products. We see this from multi-GHz oscilloscopes to compacted hi-wattage power supplies. This new user mindset is an extension of what we have come to expect in the technology-driven consumer market. Examples of new simplicity and convenience are found in the Apple iPod and iPhone.

AMREL responds to the industrial markets' demand for similar simplicity and convenience with the release of the "K" Family of Switch Mode Power Supplies. By manufacturing a family of keypad & encoder controlled switching power supplies for the industrial test & measurement market, AMREL takes industrial users to the digital age. Power Supplies have evolved from bulky Linears to compact and efficient Switchers; from analog pots to digital calibration and digital encoders.

Importantly, the convenient and simplistic operation of a keypad-controlled power supply has arrived. In AMREL's tradition of delivering innovative, customer-driven and user-friendly products, AMREL introduces the "K" (Keypad + Encoder) Family of Switching Power Supplies -- the 1U Dual Channel SPD-K (360W/Ch) the 1U SPS-K (1.2kW/1.5kW), and the bigger brother, the 3U/6U/9U/Cabinet SPS-K/HPS-K (3.3kW ~ 100's kW).

AMREL's New "K" Family of Switchers provides precise programming of voltage & current set points via quick key strokes, simple control of Over-voltage/Over-current protection parameters, access to full control menu options and a 20-point Voltage/Current Auto-sequencing Function (VLIST/ILIST). These are all controlled without the hassles of turning pots/encoders, viewing complex menu navigations or pressing preview keys. Additionally, all the important parameters are readily displayed in 16-bit via a VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display), equivalent to a 3 1/2 digit DMM. As the pioneers of Ethernet-based ePower and eLoad product lines, AMREL continues to provide flexible, co-resident Ethernet/GPIB/RS-232/RS485 interfaces for powerful programmatic control. In short, the 12-button keypad and digital encoder, convenience of an integrated VFD display, along with Closed-case Calibration, embedded co-resident Ethernet/GPIB/RS-232/RS-485 Programmatic Interfaces, wide selection of voltage/current/power ranges and AMREL's unwavering pledge to Customer Satisfaction and Service makes AMREL "K" family the product of choice.

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