NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 25, 2008) - Members of BASCAP's Global Leadership Group, representing a broad range of sectors and geographies, will announce new strategies and priorities for stopping the international trade in counterfeit and pirated goods. They will be joined by the United States Trade Representative and leaders of the World Customs Organization and World Intellectual Property Organization to report on new co-operation agreements. The announcements will follow BASCAP's Global Leadership Group's annual meeting, which the government and intergovernmental officials will join for the first time.

Confirmed participants will include:


--  Bob Wright, Vice Chairman and Executive Officer, General Electric (US)
--  Nobuyuki Idei, former CEO of Sony Corporation and Representative
    Director of Quantum Leaps Corporation (Japan)
--  Jean-René Fourtou, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Vivendi (France)
--  David Iakobachvili, Chairman, WBD Foods (Russia)
--  Jean-François Dehecq, Chairman, Sanofi-Aventis (France)
--  Doug Morris, CEO, Universal Music (US)
--  Kevin Havelock, President, Unilever United States (United Kingdom)
--  Blair Westlake, Corporate Vice President, Media & Entertainment Group,
    Microsoft (US)
--  Andreas Fibig, Senior Vice President, U.S. Pharmaceutical Operations,
    Pfizer (US)
--  Guy Sebban, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce
    From Government
--  Ambassador Susan Schwab, US Trade Representative
--  Michel Danet, Secretary General, World Customs Organization
--  Michael Keplinger, Deputy Secretary General, World Intellectual
    Property Organization


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The drain on businesses and the global economy from counterfeit goods and piracy of intellectual property is of great concern to ICC member companies worldwide. Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) is an ICC initiative that unites the global business community across all product sectors to address issues associated with intellectual property theft and to petition for greater commitments by local, national and international officials in the enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights.

Founded in 2004, BASCAP has created a set of tools to gather information, improve transparency of efforts to fight counterfeiting and piracy, exchange intelligence, and raise awareness of the problem. The current focus is now on setting standards for global performance by governments and companies; framing decisions for policymakers; pushing for the allocation of resources at the highest levels in national governments; and improving awareness on a global basis. BASCAP features a Global Leadership Group comprised of CEOs, Chairmen and senior corporate officials to build awareness and amplify messages to national governments.

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About the International Chamber of Commerce

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is the largest, most representative business organization in the world. Its hundreds of thousands of member companies in over 130 countries have interests spanning every sector of private enterprise.

The fundamental mission of ICC is to promote trade and investment across frontiers and help business corporations meet the challenges and opportunities of globalization. Its conviction that trade is a powerful force for peace and prosperity dates from its origins in 1919.

ICC has three main activities: rules-setting, arbitration and policy. ICC has unrivalled authority in making rules that govern the conduct of business across borders.

Business leaders and experts drawn from ICC's membership establish the business stance on broad issues of trade and investment policy as well as on vital technical and sectoral subjects. These include financial services, information technologies, telecommunications, marketing ethics, the environment, transportation, competition law and intellectual property, among others.

ICC enjoys a close working relationship with the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations, including the World Trade Organization and the G8.

ICC's national committees work with their members to address the concerns of business in their countries and convey to their governments the business views formulated by ICC.

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