RESTON, VA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - AlgoSec Inc., the leading provider of Firewall Operations and Security Risk Management solutions, today announced the availability of the AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) product suite. The new suite, which improves the overall security and efficiency of enterprise firewalls, is built on three distinct software modules, each focused on addressing a specific set of technical requirements within the enterprise: Firewall Operations Management, Policy Optimization and Risk Management. Customers may purchase combinations of these modules in four pre-bundled license editions according to their specific needs. The four new editions of the AFA Product Suite are: the AFA Operations Management Edition, the AFA Optimization Edition, the AFA Risk Management Edition and the AFA Enterprise Edition.

AlgoSec also announces today the addition of two highly anticipated features, including:

--  Automatically completed PCI-DSS and SOX compliance reports that work
    'out-of-the-box' to help firewall administrators and auditors spend less
    time completing paperwork while meeting their critical reporting
--  A first of its kind algorithm that provides Intelligent Rule Re-
    Ordering recommendations based on historical rule usage statistics that
    aims to help users improve the efficiency of their firewall policies and
    reduce the CPU utilization of the firewall devices.

"Not all users start with the same set of requirements," said Dr. Avishai Wool, AlgoSec's co-founder and CTO. "Depending on their role in the organization, some users are looking for a better way to meet their compliance reporting and risk management activities, while others may be searching for ways to improve their existing operational and change management processes. In all cases, they're looking for a solution that will automate many of the time consuming and error-prone aspects of firewall management and administration. AlgoSec's new licensed editions were developed to help these users address their specific requirements while providing a platform that can be extended to support new functions or operational requirements as the need arises."

The newly launched AFA Product Suite offers four pre-bundled editions, including:

--  AFA Operations Management Edition: Built on the core AFA software
    module which is standard across all editions, it supports the daily
    operational activities and change management requirements of firewall
    administrators as well as maintaining detailed change history reports for
    all firewall configurations.
--  AFA Optimization Edition: This edition includes the full feature set
    of the Operations Management Edition and adds the optional Optimization
    software module which offers a rich set of reports and recommendations for
    improving the efficiency of the firewall configuration, including the new
    Intelligent Rule Re-Ordering algorithm.
--  AFA Risk Management Edition: This edition includes the full feature
    set of the Operations Management Edition and adds the optional Risk
    Management software module. Built on AlgoSec's comprehensive knowledge base
    of Industry Best Practices for firewall configurations, it allows users to
    quickly assess the security posture of their firewall configurations and
    ensure all devices meet their specific security controls. It also includes
    the automatically completed PCI and SOX compliance reports.
--  AFA Enterprise Edition: This edition combines all three of the
    available software modules into a single, comprehensive solution, to help
    enterprises address all aspects of their firewall operations management,
    policy optimization and risk management requirements.

AlgoSec's Firewall Analyzer suite is constantly updated to support new functions. Where there is a difficult, complex or time-consuming aspect of firewall administration, AlgoSec aims to help users by finding ways to automate those tasks and reduce the time they spend managing their ever changing firewall environments. Through its off-line setup, the application is easy to deploy and use even in the most complex firewall environments.

Some additional key features of the AlgoSec solution suite include:

--  Policy visualization options that allow users to view and explore
    their firewall policies in meaningful ways that are not available from
    their native firewall management console
--  Powerful policy queries that make the firewall change management and
    troubleshooting process easier and more efficient
--  Automated comparison reports that compare the configuration details of
    any two firewalls -- even from different vendors -- to ease the workload
    for users migrating from one firewall platform to another

AlgoSec's firewall analysis solutions work across all available platforms from the big 3 enterprise firewall vendors: Cisco, Check Point and Juniper/NetScreen. Its detailed policy analysis features, combined with an easy to navigate web GUI provides users with instant visibility into hidden risks in the firewall policy, while offering firewall administrators a rich set of capabilities to help them reduce the large amount of time spent managing these devices. The software is in use today at more than 200 enterprises worldwide.

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