WEST DEER TOWNSHIP, PA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - "Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary was not abusing animals and Linda Bruno, the owner, should not be charged with animal cruelty," says Chris DeRose, President of Last Chance for Animals (LCA), an international non-profit animal advocacy organization, who has taken this issue to heart because of the vicious attack on Linda Bruno (a.k.a. Lin Marie). "We were initially contacted months ago to investigate Tiger Ranch, but decided against taking the case. LCA had information, through our own investigations and people who had worked, volunteered and visited the facility, that Tiger Ranch and the owner, Lin Marie, were operating a sanctuary that was helping animals, not abusing them. We refused to go against one lone woman and the dedicated people working with her that were doing their best to help the community and the discarded, sick, dying and feral cats. You have to understand, people dropped off their cats to Lin Marie and these people were not coming back to get them. Lin Marie adopts out as many cats as she can and is a staunch supporter of spay/neuter. She should not be charged with animal cruelty or anything else."

"You can go into any sanctuary and find something that is not right or up to speed at any moment and capture it on camera and build a 'witch hunt' behind it and the media will sensationalize it! LCA is assisting Lin Marie and investigating the allegations against her. George Bengal of the PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was quoted as saying, this is '...the worst case we've ever encountered.' The PSPCA should be ashamed of themselves, especially since the state of Pennsylvania is known as 'The Puppy Mill Capital of the Nation' and has countless puppy mills riddled with horrendous conditions. Why isn't the PSPCA doing something about that?" states Chris DeRose.

WHAT:   Rally for Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary

WHEN:   Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
        1:30 PM

WHERE:  In Front of the Magistrate's Office
        West Deer Township
        2060 Saxonburg Blvd.
        Gibsonia, PA  15044

WHO:    Lin Marie, Owner of Tiger Ranch, Chris DeRose, President & Founder
        of Last Chance for Animals, Tiger Ranch's Veterinarian, volunteers
        and supporters.

CONTACT:  For media interviews call Lisa Beal, LCA Campaigns Director,

Last Chance for Animals (LCA), a national animal rights organization based in Los Angeles, has been active for more than two decades. Founded and led by animal expert, author, and actor, Chris DeRose, LCA fights for the rights of animals by conducting investigations that expose animal cruelty. For more information, visit www.LCAnimal.org.

Contact Information: For media interviews: Lisa Beal LCA Campaigns Director 818-681-3672