UNITED STATES--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - SINGAPORE -- 03/19/2008 -- STATS ChipPAC Ltd. ("STATS ChipPAC" or the "Company") (SGX-ST: STATSChP), a leading semiconductor test and advanced packaging service provider, today announced a new IPD Products Databook which contains a library of silicon-based Integrated Passive Device (IPD) designs to assist semiconductor companies in reducing design cycle time and increasing integration options in Radio Frequency (RF) applications.

With the growing industry trend for increased integration in a smaller form factor, passive devices such as filters, diplexers, baluns and matching networks are being placed in packages alongside active semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs). As wireless systems have become smaller, there has been an increasing need to shrink passive devices, especially in terms of height. Design specifications, however, often compromise performance to achieve the desired level of miniaturization.

By integrating and fabricating passive devices at the silicon wafer level, STATS ChipPAC is able to produce IPDs in both wire bond and flip chip format which are significantly smaller, thinner and higher performing than standard discrete passive devices that are commercially available. Silicon-based IPDs enable semiconductor companies to effectively reduce device footprint and reduce interconnect complexity, while improving component tolerance, yield and reliability in RF applications such as GSM/DCS and CDMA cellular phones, Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g and WiMax systems.

The complexity of designing RF circuits typically translates into multiple design iterations and longer evaluation cycles. This is a factor that affects the speed at which semiconductor companies are able to bring their products to market. STATS ChipPAC has taken the next step in complex RF integration designs by offering semiconductor companies a tool to reduce cycle time and increase the flexibility of their RF module designs. The new IPD Products Databook contains technical information such as size, layout, component values and basic tolerances for complete IPD structures in a wide range of products.

"We have shipped over 40 million units of silicon-based passive devices in various configurations. We have correlated design and measured data to achieve a high rate of confidence in our RF component designs with first run silicon. Customization of IPDs for our customers' complex RF module designs can be rapidly deployed from the standard design configurations in the databook to achieve a lower overall cost and faster time-to-market," said Dr. Han Byung Joon, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, STATS ChipPAC.

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