OREM, UT--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - NetDocuments, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) document, email and records management service provider, announced today that it has released its new searching engine, NDSearch™, based on Fast Search & Transfer™ (OSEAX: FAST.OL) (FAST™), the leading global provider of search technologies, recently announced to be acquired by Microsoft Corp.

NDSearch is a scalable, reliable, and feature-rich enterprise index and retrieval platform, providing searching technology for a single repository of documents, images, emails, attachments, and digital records. NDSearch will be deployed in a SaaS model, where all maintenance, updates and optimization will be handled by NetDocuments and deployed in a redundant and highly available infrastructure across two datacenters for business continuity.

"While many organizations today are struggling to integrate an enterprise search engine into each of their separate electronic repositories (DM, email archival, records management, and KM), the NetDocuments Service now includes a powerful enterprise search service against a single repository for all digital content," said Alvin Tedjamulia, Chief Technology Officer for NetDocuments. "NDSearch, powered by FAST, reflects our continuous commitment to providing, simultaneously, simplicity and power to our users. We subscribe to the premise that search will become a central technology to connect users with information."

FAST preserves NetDocuments' secure searching technology which enforces access control, ethical walls, while offering such enhanced functionality as relevancy ranking, proximity and phrase searching, linguistics and lemmatization, data classification, topic and entity extraction. Users will not only be able to quickly retrieve documents, but will also be able to analyze the people, companies, locations, dates, and concepts associated with matters and projects offering a truly discovery-class search technology.

NDSearch helps NetDocuments users better comprehend the key facts associated with a set of documents and to infer "cause and effect" relationships. The goal is to provide advanced tools for NetDocuments customers to better serve their own customers and to gain significant efficiencies in the management of their internal intellectual property.

For more information about NetDocuments please visit www.netdocuments.com or call (866) 638-3627.

About NetDocuments

NetDocuments is leading the industry trend for On Demand document management and collaboration services and the first true SaaS offering for global document services. Its patented and scalable technology offers a centralized storage area for documents, emails and records that provide its customers with a "one firm view" across geographically dispersed offices, as well as enable users to access information from any Internet-connected device, including handheld devices. Founded in 1998 and based in Orem, Utah, NetDocuments has over 58,000 users in over 146 countries. For further information about the company and management, go to www.netdocuments.com.

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