LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - Cinsay.com, the new filmed entertainment and social networking site has launched an official search for emerging musical talent to be featured in their original HD productions. The site will premiere its first production, "The Acquirer," Episode One starring Matt Schulze and Tom Sizemore, on Friday, March 21. In the coming months, the site will launch several new original series, including dramas, comedies and reality shows. Original music is needed for each and every episode and Cinsay.com invites composers, musicians and singers from around the world to submit their work for consideration. All submissions will be considered, and those selected as main title compositions will be compensated at $2,500, while compositions selected for use within the body of a series will receive $1,000. In addition, all music used will be presented in production credits as well as featured online.

"At cinsay.com, we are revolutionizing the way viewers can access and enjoy high-quality filmed entertainment, and part of that revolution is seeking out new music that reflects the Online audience," said Christian Briggs, CEO of Briggs Digital Media. "We want to hear from all those talented composers, singers, garage bands and other musicians who are looking for the opportunity to finally be heard by millions. If there is a spot in one of our productions for your music, you will be compensated and fully credited."

All original compositions can be submitted for consideration by visiting the Briggs Digital Media entertainment website www.cinsay.com. There, composers will find complete instructions for submitting their work for consideration, along with all terms and conditions. Submissions must be 2-4 minutes in length and must be submitted at a minimum 128 bit rate. All entrants must hold all proprietary rights to their submissions.

Some of the series for which original music will be considered include:

"The Acquirer" (drama) -- When master-thief Lucien Hayes (series star Matt Schulze) learns that his fiancée has been kidnapped and is being held as ransom for one of the most valuable artifacts on earth, he finds himself propelled down an unbelievable path of deceit, danger, and intrigue -- leading him to the ultimate heist. Tom Sizemore co-stars in the explosive action-thriller as Arthur, a mysterious ex-CIA agent who serves as the liaison between Hayes and the shadowy clients for whom The Acquirer is retained. Episode 1 premieres at cinsay.com Friday, March 21.

"Clone" (drama) -- This series centers on a young man who has discovered a group of human clones that are the creations of a brilliant scientist whose genetic experiments with some of history's most celebrated individuals resulted in living, breathing, human replicas of the great individuals. Something went wrong along the way, however, and now these clones have turned into evil alter-egos of the great human beings from which they were created. Now it is up to one man, Clone Hunter Erik Berlin, to bring these beings to justice.

"Dan's Detour of Life" (comedy) -- Dan Ford thought he had the perfect life. A twenty-year marriage to the woman of his dreams, two beautiful kids, a great job at a local credit union and a comfortable, modest home in the suburbs of LA. In one day, that perfect life was turned upside down when his wife asked for a life apart and he was forced to move into an apartment with his son, a recent college graduate. For Dan, it was the worst thing to ever happen to him. He'll soon find out, however, that sometimes the worst things can actually turn out to be the best, when he takes a long, hard look at himself as he begins his life anew.

"Foul Play" (drama) -- Some say that sports and women don't always mix -- but in this new dramatic series, the females are running the game. Follow the lives of four women from different backgrounds who have married into one of the world's most competitive and exciting sports -- professional basketball. They have it all -- the superstar athlete husbands, the beautiful mansions, the high-end designer clothing. Every other woman wants to be them ... and they know it. But they also know the downside of marriage to a pro athlete: the cheating husbands, the groupies, raising kids with absent fathers, and even having fans turn on them when their husbands have a bad game. For these women, the real game is not on the court -- it's facing the challenges of keeping their marriages together, living normal lives and struggling to find their own identities while being overshadowed by their husbands' fame and careers.

"Open 24 Hours" (reality) -- We've all seen the sign -- "Open 24 Hours." It flickers in the window of an inner city diner. It hangs on the door of a run-down laundromat. It beckons late night denizens to fast food joints, bowling alleys, gas stations, supermarkets, casinos, gyms, drug stores, department stores, car washes, bus stations... the list goes on. But it's what happens inside these places throughout the course of those twenty-four hours that will enlighten, educate and astound you in this unscripted, no-holds barred, in-your-face look at a day in the life of various 24-hour businesses.

Briggs Digital Media, LLC is a fully-integrated media company which specializes in the creation and delivery of entertainment and advertising via the company's unique Internet delivery platforms. With active development and production of High Definition (HD) programming for both Internet and traditional television syndication delivery currently underway, BDM can provide a constant stream of compelling and exclusive content for www.cinsay.com, the Company's proprietary social networking and entertainment site. Furthermore, BDM provides advertisers with the most advanced interactive technology on the Web in order to target and connect with audiences.

NOTE: Only members of the press should contact PGPR directly. Submissions and all communications pertaining thereto are accepted solely through the website at www.cinsay.com

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