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TOKYO, March 19, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Marici, Inc. (Satt Hooke, President.) launches "Marici Clip" (, a new concept incorporating information from favorite pages into topics on mind maps created on "Marici" (

About Marici

Marici ( is a mind map service where topics are automatically linked to each other. Users can communicate with those with similar topics.

Different from existing social bookmarks

Users can save URLs of "favorite pages" with social bookmarks. This data can be viewed in different environments and pages can be retrieved as needed. When clipping, you can enter tags or comments and search for popular pages using information about the number of times pages have been clipped. Social bookmarks only open pages that are known to be popular on a "points" system.

Marici Clip ( incorporates pages into mind maps as topics automatically displaying related information from other users. If a clipped topic is linked to another user's, the related information that belongs to the other user will be displayed. You can use other users' knowledge as your own without awareness of the links between the topics. Consequently, if you add to mind maps while browsing, they will complete without conscious effort and allow you to gradually accumulate information by incorporating things that interest you.

Marici Clip Features

 -- Clipped pages are incorporated into mind maps from which pages can
    be opened. Management is easier than existing social bookmarks.
 -- Mind maps are easily created by incorporating sites while
 -- This is not just a social bookmark. By clipping the same URL as
    other users, you can view related information topics.
 -- A new mind map is created to retrieve pages.
 -- URLs related to clipped pages enable you to find URLs of interest.
 -- To include the text on the page, drag the relevant section. It
    will be automatically pasted into topics.
 -- Select images from the list to paste into topics.
 -- If tags already exist, recommendations will be displayed.
 -- You can flag topics as public/private. Private topics will be
    invisible to other users.

Keep incorporating information into mind maps

Marici provides services that incorporate information into mind maps, displaying thoughts and interesting information.

We already provide functions that automatically link to Wikipedia (Japan/U.S.) into mind maps. Now users can easily incorporate information with "Marici Clip".

We will continue to provide services for incorporating information into mind maps and support users in organizing information using mind maps.

 Marici, Inc.
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 (4)President: Satt Hooke

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