LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 20, 2008) - Beginning Friday, March 21, audiences will experience the launch of the Web's hottest new filmed entertainment and social networking website when Cinsay.com hosts the world premiere of "The Acquirer," starring and directed by motion picture star Matt Schulze. The all new action/adventure Web and TV series centers on the exploits of master-thief Lucien Hayes (Schulze), who in the premiere episode learns that his fiancée has been kidnapped and is being held as ransom for one of the most valuable artifacts on earth. Hayes soon finds himself launched on an adrenaline-fueled mission of deceit, danger, and intrigue -- leading him to the ultimate heist. Sizemore co-stars in the explosive action-thriller as Arthur, a mysterious ex-CIA agent who serves as the liaison between Hayes and the shadowy clients for whom The Acquirer is retained. "The Acquirer" marks Sizemore's return to the screen following his absence of nearly a year.

Cinsay.com is a unique website which boasts patent-pending software capabilities which allow viewers to enjoy greater interaction than ever possible before. Customized features allow viewers to "click" on various elements featured in the programs in order to participate in promotions, make purchases or simply find out more about an advertiser's product... on their terms. All original programs are presented free of commercial interruptions and are shot and presented using the latest HD (high-definition) technology, providing the clearest and sharpest possible viewing experience... whether viewed on an Internet-enabled television, computer or a handheld device.

Cinsay.com is the first to offer a fully-integrated system of interaction for viewers, who can become members of the site's social networking community... absolutely free. Users can build profiles on Cinsay.com absolutely free, and one lucky user profile, picked at random on June 1, 2008, will win the actual coat worn by series star Matt Schulze in the series "The Acquirer." Matt Schulze will personally present the coat in July 2008 to the winner and a guest at a private dinner in Hollywood. Designed by John Varvatos, the coat is valued at more than $1,000, and will also be personally autographed by Schulze.

In addition to a fully-integrated system of interaction for viewers, other innovative features on Cinsay.com include the ability to "share" viewing experiences with friends whereby two or more users can watch a program at the very same time -- from completely different locations -- while chatting and seeing each other via webcam! Furthermore, "clicking" on a character within "The Acquirer" will lead viewers to further information about the character and the actor playing them. Cinsay.com is truly revolutionizing the way we go to the movies by bringing the movies home to us.

Cinsay.com will roll out new episodes of "The Acquirer" approximately every two months, and has already begun production of Episode Two, which will be filmed in San Francisco, with Episode Three scheduled to be shot in Rome. Other original series currently in various stages of pre-production include "Clone," an action/adventure drama series; "Dan's Detour of Life," a comedy series; "Foul Play," a drama series, and "Open 24 Hours," a reality series. In addition, Cinsay.com will present compelling motion pictures such as the Oscar®-nominated short film "Most," from writer/director Bobby Garabedian.

Briggs Digital Media, LLC is a fully-integrated media company which specializes in the creation and delivery of entertainment and advertising via the company's unique Internet delivery platforms. With active development and production of High Definition (HD) programming for both Internet and traditional television syndication delivery currently underway, BDM can provide a constant stream of compelling and exclusive content for www.cinsay.com, the Company's proprietary social networking and entertainment site. Furthermore, BDM provides advertisers with the most advanced interactive technology on the Web in order to target and connect with audiences.

NOTE: Actors or their reps. should not contact PGPR directly; submissions accepted solely through the website at www.cinsay.com

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