LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 20, 2008) - Ewire -- Low Impact Living.com, the largest green home improvement site online, has launched a groundbreaking new Household Environmental Impact Calculator and rating system. These tools will help Americans understand their environmental impacts and chart a course to a more eco-friendly home and lifestyle. (Please see the calculator at www.lowimpactliving.com)

This new calculator allows homeowners to input information about their homes and consumption habits (e.g., house square footage, power use, miles driven, etc.) and get a full picture of their environmental impacts. The tool calculates not only carbon emissions (or "carbon footprint" as it is called) but ALL environmental impacts -- including energy use, water consumption, trash production, urban run-off production and more. It is the most comprehensive environmental impact calculator available online.

The user also receives a "LILI" or Low Impact Living Index™ for their household. The LILI™ is a rating of their overall environmental impact that ranks them relative to other households of their size in their region. For example the average LILI is 100, and if a household received a LILI of 50, they would have a below-average, or positive, environmental impact. If their LILI is 200, they have work to do. The goal is to reach as low of a LILI as possible.

The calculator goes a step further to provide recommendations for how Americans can improve the environmental sustainability of their homes and lifestyles. The user receives a list of green projects they can undertake to lower their impact. There are recommendations on such topics as solar power, wind power and other alternative energy sources; insulation and weatherproofing; low-impact landscaping; green building materials, non-toxic cleaners; hybrid cars and alternative fuels; carbon offsets, and much more. On the site customers can buy green products and find local service providers to help them implement these green home-improvement projects.

"Most Americans now believe that global warming is a real problem, but they don't know what they can do in their own lives to try to stop it. We are very excited to offer an impact calculator that will show homeowners how much they contribute to global warming, how much water they use and waste, how much trash they produce -- basically their full environmental impact. And then we recommend a course of action that can get them to a lower LILI score. We want to take people from environmental concern to positive action as quickly and as easily as possible," said Jason Pelletier, Co-founder of Low Impact Living, Inc. and the developer of the calculator.

The tool also provides is insight into the economics of green projects. "Many consumers have no idea that in many states they can get $5,000 in incentives to put up solar panels, or that they can buy green power from their utility," said Jessica Jensen, Co-founder of Low Impact Living, Inc. "We help consumers understand the costs and incentives for green projects so that they can take informed environmental action."

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