RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - March 28, 2008) - The majority of surveyed pharmaceutical companies employ a centralized department to handle medical publications tasks, according to a report by Cutting Edge Information. The report, "Pharmaceutical Medical Publications: Market Preparation & Strategic Support," available at, finds that a centralized medical publications departments structure has many benefits.

Some of the advantages of a centralized structure include: building a single, focused publications strategy, streamlining communications within and outside of the department, and earning recognition as a critical component of a company's lifecycle management strategy.

Even so, many companies are still on the path to a fully centralized department. Many medical publications departments and sub-functions are in transition to new oversight, such as a move from business-oriented departments to medical affairs. Others who have recently merged face integrating two very different teams. In shifting to a centralized structure, executives found innovative structures that avoid medical publications layoffs after brand termination, provide budgetary flexibility among medical publications teams and enhance communications within these teams.

"Centralization of medical publications departments can improve their efficiency dramatically," says Amanda Zuniga, the lead writer for this report. "A decentralized structure often means that departments have poor communication with other medical publications staff. Because of a lack of communication and knowledge sharing, it is easy for medical publications teams to lose sight of the medical publications strategy. Additionally, solving the same problems over and over is costly and ineffective."

"Pharmaceutical Medical Publications: Market Preparation & Strategic Support" (, was designed to explore pharmaceutical companies' medical publications structures, strategies and processes. The study delves into the resource support and funding that various medical publications departments and teams benefit from. In addition, through this report, readers will be exposed to some of the industry's best medical publications practices and should be better positioned to streamline their own strategies and processes by benchmarking their efforts against those of top-leading companies.

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