SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 15, 2008) - MochiAds, the world's largest online games advertising network, today announced its partnership with Innovalue to expand its operations to the Taiwanese market. As part of the partnership, Innovalue will represent MochiAds in handling distribution, advertising sales and developer support in Taiwan, a country where the market for online games is expected to exceed $300 million this year+.

In their partnership with MochiAds, Innovalue will be negotiating distribution deals and partnerships with Taiwanese sites to increase audience reach, launching a localized language version of the MochiAds website and selling inventory to advertisers interested in reaching Taiwanese consumers. Taiwanese advertisers will be able to purchase advertisements through Innovalue, and ads will show to Taiwanese consumers playing a game in the MochiAds network. There are already over 1,000 games in the network played in the country today. As of this release, Innovalue has already announced distribution partnerships with Xuite Games launched April 1st, and My Games Pocket, a leading Chinese gaming site with a broad range of visitors from the Asia-Pacific area.

While games have long been an engaging activity for consumers online, MochiAds provides the incentive for Taiwanese game developers to create games by sharing advertising revenue. Through the MochiAds technology, game developers can easily place pre-game and inter-level advertisements into their content and receive a 50-50 revenue share of ad revenue. Innovalue's efforts in Taiwan include providing technical support for Mandarin-speaking developers as well as education and outreach to local universities to foster developer talent. These game development tools are central to MochiAds mission of supporting creativity within the games industry.

"MochiAds provides great value to the game development community as well as advertisers. We are excited to partner with advertisers to provide access to the audience of Taiwanese consumers," states Eric Chen, spokesman for Innovalue.

"The casual games industry in Taiwan is still growing, having lacked methods to monetize online games in the past. MochiAds will open up a new market for entrepreneurship for Taiwanese game developers," states Mochi Media CEO and Co-Founder Jameson Hsu.

Along with building an online games business in Taiwan, the partnership also plans grassroots initiatives to create a flash game development community, including visits to local universities, such as Shih Hsih University, workshops and talent searches. The games that are developed through this education and outreach will eventually become part of the MochiAds network.

+(GameDaily, 2007)

About Innovalue

Established in 2004, Innovalue specializes in technology commercialization, web-based service development, and design services. As the leading cross- border syndicate, Innovalue has built its reputation on offering integrated services and unparalleled operating efficiency. From its inception, Innovalue has consistently offered dedicated services to its customers, and has lead in leading technologies and services into Taiwan market. Innovalue is currently headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan.

About MochiAds

MochiAds is the world's largest online games advertising network for advertisers, publishers and game developers. The MochiAds network connects advertisers with game developers, providing turnkey opportunities to reach the one in three Internet users playing games online. The technology enables publishers to leverage the value from a catalog of engaging games within the MochiAds network and game developers to monetize their games through inserting around-game advertisements during natural breaks in game play. MochiAds is a product of Mochi Media, headquartered in San Francisco and funded by Accel Partners.

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