SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2008) - Today MochiAds, the largest online games advertising network from Mochi Media, announced partnerships with Wanmo, Innovalue and AdMax to expand its ad sales reach into China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, respectively.

Through the partnerships, advertisers within these local markets will now have the option of buying advertisements in MochiAds games through a local representative. The unique ad units offered by the MochiAds network provide access to consumers while they are engaged in the game itself, in the form of pre-game and inter-level ads inserted directly into the game window. While the games are being played, brief 10-second ads are shown, which can be targeted based on various criteria including geography, domain and game category.

These deals are announced at a time when the worldwide popularity of online games is growing at a rapid pace. Online gaming sites are estimated to reach one in three Internet users worldwide, an audience which includes more than 70 million unique users within the Asia Pacific region (Source: Comscore MMetrix). This announcement strengthens the MochiAds network's ability to monetize and serve targeted advertisements to the international gamers that represent a substantial percentage of its traffic. The timing is particularly favorable as well, due to the upcoming Beijing Olympics; advertisers now have a new avenue to access the Chinese audience. Deals like these ultimately create a better gaming experience as consumers view ads more specific to their local market.

With Innovalue, the partnership extends even deeper. The online advertising company will represent MochiAds for online games distribution deals with Taiwanese publishers, as well as fostering the development and growth of the nascent Taiwanese gaming community.

"These partnerships create new opportunities for advertisers in China, Taiwan and Thailand to connect with their target consumer," said Justin Wong, Mochi Media's vice president of business development.

Unlike Web site ads, the around-game advertisements are delivered within the game window as the user is initiating the game or waiting between levels. This places the advertiser's message into a medium where a user is engaged -- network click-through rates average 5 to 7 percent.

"The Yankee Group projects that worldwide in-game advertising expenditures will grow to $971.3 million by 2011 compared to just $77.7 million in 2006," said Gilbert Lo, director of media development for ADMAX Network. "Meanwhile, PricewaterhouseCoopers believes that Asia will remain the fastest growing region for the Internet and video game industry. As Southeast Asia's largest online local advertising network of specialty-content Web sites, we are delighted to bring MochiAds into our network and offer advertisers within Southeast Asia a landmark, exclusive opportunity to engage the casual gaming audience."

"MochiAds provides great value to the game development community as well as advertisers. We are excited to partner with advertisers to provide access to the audience of Taiwanese consumers," said Eric Chen, spokesman for Innovalue.

"With the gaming industry exploding in China, we are incredibly excited to be working with Mochi Media, a proven leader in global online advertising for gaming. This is a solution that dovetails well into our China-focused strategy, and we look forward to a long and productive cooperation," said Micah Truman, CEO of Wanmo Performance Advertising.

The addition of these partnerships underscores MochiAds' ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality advertisements targeted at the gamers playing the more than 2,000 games on the network.

About MochiAds

MochiAds is the world's largest online games advertising network for advertisers, publishers and game developers. The MochiAds network connects advertisers with game developers, providing turnkey opportunities to reach the one in three Internet users playing games online. The technology enables publishers to leverage the value from a catalog of engaging games within the MochiAds network and game developers to monetize their games through inserting around-game advertisements during natural breaks in game play. MochiAds is a product of Mochi Media, headquartered in San Francisco and funded by Accel Partners.

About ADMAX Network

Launched in 2006, ADMAX Network is a subsidiary of Digital Marketing Solutions (DMS) Group. The company is Southeast Asia's leading site representation and digital advertising network with operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

ADMAX Network represents leading local and global digital publishers in Southeast Asia and has a network of over 200 specialty-content sites offering relevant local media content via websites, mobile, and blogs. The company provides marketers with simple yet effective access to targeted consumers, while providing top agencies and publishers the ability to grow their advertising revenue and measure results. For more information, please visit

About Innovalue

Established in 2004, Innovalue specializes in technology commercialization, web-based service development, and design services. As the leading cross-border syndicate, Innovalue has built its reputation on offering integrated services and unparalleled operating efficiency. From its inception, Innovalue has consistently offered dedicated services to its customers, and has lead in leading technologies and services into Taiwan market. Innovalue is currently headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan.

About Wanmo

Founded in 1997, Wanmo (formerly known as madeforchina) provides performance based advertising solutions to multinational clients that include brands such as L'Oreal, Ford, United Airlines, China Mobile and Lenovo. As the owner of China's largest reputable performance based advertising network, Wanmo helps premium brands reach over 30 million consumers in Mainland China per week. Backed up by its unique technology, industry-leading fraud protection capabilities, expert project management and unrivalled content creation, Wanmo provides clients with the means to achieve their marketing goals online, enabling them to build brand awareness, generate new business leads and close more sales cost efficiently by using a pay for performance model.

With headquarters in Beijing, Wanmo is a market leader in performance based advertising and, together with industry and government partners, is leading China's online advertising industry to global competitiveness.

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