WAYNE, PA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2008) - Kenexa (NASDAQ: KNXA), a global provider of talent acquisition and retention solutions, today announced that it has expanded its talent acquisition capabilities to include additional global support, increased multilingual and global sourcing capabilities, and job family expertise. Kenexa's global Talent Acquisition Solutions leverage the company's top-tier technology infrastructure; combined with the corresponding science and business processes from Kenexa, clients can raise the probability of operating cost savings and increased revenues.

Brandt Hamby, vice president of Talent Acquisition and Global Marketing at Kenexa, commented, "Kenexa has strategically assembled a global infrastructure to properly support the workforce needs of our customers. Along with our proprietary mix of world-class technology, scientific selection tools and resources, and business process expertise, we feel that we are extremely well positioned to assist organizations with obtaining additional growth and profit by maximizing their workforces."

Building on its long-term success in the recruitment process outsourcing category, Kenexa Talent Acquisition Solutions provides the complete optimization of hiring and retention practices and helps companies hire the best people and maximize their experiences within the organization. At the core of Kenexa Talent Acquisition Solutions is the Workforce Transformation model, which includes branding research, competency research, engagement research, sourcing strategies, recruitment metrics and performance data. These deliverables leverage Kenexa's proprietary content, consulting services and technology to improve new hire quality, increase hiring speed and reduce the cost of managing resource levels to handle hiring volume.

Kenexa's global Workforce Transformation deliverables include a number of sourcing tools and approaches for candidate sourcing including:

--  Micromarketing/creative sourcing
--  Social networking
--  Division of labor
--  Direct sourcing of passive candidates
--  Silver medalist program for key job families
--  Diversity outreach
--  College/university recruitment
--  Functional/geographical specialization
--  Market and industry research
--  Proprietary research technology
--  Employee referrals
--  Alumni management

Kenexa also offers an assessment suite with more than 900 valid assessments in ten languages and a flexible onboarding system that is configurable to each company's onboarding process. Kenexa also helps companies with ambassador programs, global work teams, talent readiness, succession planning and career tracking.

Hamby observed, "Our Talent Acquisition Solutions offering melds the best of Kenexa into a comprehensive global offering that is ideal for multi-national organizations. With the additional resources to support our offerings, Kenexa is truly in position to be a single source provider to assist companies with attracting, retaining and maximizing the world's greatest workforces."

About Kenexa

Kenexa Corporation (NASDAQ: KNXA) is a global leader in building the world's greatest workforces using a combination of software, employee research science and business process optimization. Kenexa's global solutions include applicant tracking, onboarding, recruitment process outsourcing, employment branding, skills and behavioral assessments, structured interviews, performance management, multi-rater feedback surveys, employee engagement surveys and HR Analytics. Kenexa is headquartered in Wayne, Pa. (outside Philadelphia). Additional information about Kenexa and its global products and services can be accessed at www.kenexa.com.