DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - April 17, 2008) - NewsGator Technologies, Inc. today announced the release of Inbox 3.0, a free reader for Microsoft Outlook that boasts several new features including enhanced relevancy, attention reporting, easy subscription adding, flag synchronization and a completely updated user interface. Ideally suited for people who spend a large part of their day interacting with Outlook, Inbox 3.0 allows users to take advantage of the ability to track and manage all of their RSS content within their email application.

Attention Reporting and APML

With Inbox 3.0, people can read the information and news that matters most to them from within Outlook, whether they are online or offline. Since NewsGator's January 2008 announcement that it would offer free readers, it has seen dramatically accelerated growth of its community of RSS users. NewsGator is using the anonymous content consumption patterns from this community to drive the relevance of each person's reading experience. Inbox 3.0 takes advantage of this relevance metadata to provide users with more relevant news and information, and also keeps track of what subscriptions users care most about and enables users to export this information to APML (Attention Profiling Mark-up Language) so that it can be easily shared with other services.

Additional Features

Additional new features of Inbox 3.0 include:

-- Updated User Interface (UI) - Inbox 3.0's redesigned UI inherits the look and feel of Outlook 2007, making the reading experience familiar and easy-to-use;

-- Easy Subscription Adding - Users can now effortlessly find and add new subscriptions by typing what they're interested in and letting Inbox 3.0 search the Internet to automatically add the subscriptions they want;

-- Flag Synchronization - Users can utilize Outlook's built-in flagging feature and synchronize their flagged items with other copies of Outlook and with NewsGator's Mac and PC RSS readers - NetNewsWire and FeedDemon.

"At NewsGator, we know that many people spend a bulk of their day in Microsoft Outlook, and we are committed to bringing best-of-breed reading experiences to wherever people want them," said Brian Kellner, vice president of products for NewsGator. "This latest version of Inbox 3.0 is a powerful update, and having attention data around what feeds are most relevant to you is a great added benefit. With the new user interface and easy-to-add subscriptions, users can streamline the way they access and consume a wide range of content from across the Internet, from blogs to news sites to internal corporate content."

NewsGator's award-winning RSS products for PC (FeedDemon), Mac (NetNewsWire), Microsoft Outlook (Inbox), mobile (NewsGator Go!) and online (NewsGator Online) deliver a best-of-breed RSS reading experience that synchronizes through NewsGator's online platform. All of NewsGator's client RSS reader products are available free of charge and include free synchronization along with other services. Users can enjoy the great features and performance of all of NewsGator's Web, desktop and mobile readers for iPhone, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry (powered by FreeRange), all synchronized to provide the same view of their RSS content no matter when or where they read it.

About NewsGator Technologies, Inc.

NewsGator Technologies is a pioneer in RSS and Enterprise 2.0 technologies. Headquartered in Denver, Colo., NewsGator develops and markets RSS aggregation solutions for individual end users, enterprises and online content providers. Using NewsGator products and solutions, businesses and consumers can subscribe to news, information, podcasts and other relevant content more efficiently and effectively than with traditional channels. With NewsGator, users have access to RSS information via the Web, Microsoft Outlook, mobile devices and both Windows- and Mac-based desktop clients. All NewsGator products synchronize seamlessly, enabling users to read their RSS feeds anywhere, anytime, with any device. For more information, visit

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