LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 17, 2008) - Hundreds of Curves women's fitness centers in the Southern California have installed state-of-the-art "smart" equipment that gives users instant analysis and feedback during workouts.

Imagine having the world's most advanced fitness coach at your disposal. This coach customizes workouts based on your body structure and endurance and adjusts each exercise machine's intensity based on your recent progression or regression. This coach monitors your energy level and range of motion continuously to ensure you are achieving your personal potential. Then the coach automatically computes your workout data to produce a progress report, including the number of calories you burned and 3-D anatomical diagrams to show which muscles you've worked and how successfully.

That is the role of the CurvesSmart, a new technology that offers a precision designed workout, moment-to-moment feedback and progress reports to keep members motivated while they work out. Local Curves are among the first in the nation to feature the equipment.

"Our members are completely thrilled with the moment-to-moment feedback," says Lynda D'Angelo, who owns Curves centers in Glendale (1010 Glendale Ave.) and Eagle Rock (4870 Eagle Rock Blvd.). "The whole club is energized, working harder, burning more calories. We are able to directly focus on the weaker areas of our body while still conditioning the body as a whole. At the end of each workout, members are jazzed to see just how many calories they burned. For those with injuries it makes it easier to target the muscles around their injury to prevent further injury."

After a member's personalized profile is determined by a Curves staff member, the member uses a CurvesSmart ID Tag that is electronically recognized by the monitor at each Curves workout station. It automatically retrieves the member's workout profile.

The smart monitors indicate: whether her heart rate is in the target range; whether the member is achieving her target intensity level; the range of motion for each repetition; and the number of repetitions. Following the workout, the system produces a progress report that allows the member to see, instantly and in quantifiable terms, her strengths and weaknesses.

"Even long-time members (and we've been open six years) can't believe how much better a workout they are getting," says Stacey Park, owner of Curves in Duarte (1159 E. Huntington Dr.). "In just the one month we have had the technology, our members said they've never worked out so hard and gotten such positive results so fast."

For a Curves location, go to www.lacountycurves.com/ (Los Angeles area), www.inlandempirecurves.com (Inland Empire), www.occurves.com/ (Orange County), www.valleycurves.com, 877-97-CURVE (San Fernando Valley) or call 877-772-2287.

Media Note: The media is invited to visit a Curves in their area for a demonstration of the new Smart technology on Tuesday & Wednesday, April 22 & 23. Male and female reporters welcome. Contact Diane Rumbaugh, 805-493-2877, rumbaugh@earthlink.net, for a Curves nearest you.

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