POINT ROBERTS, WA and DELTA, BC--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) - Investorideas.com and www.TechSectorStocks.com, a Technology Stocks Investor Portal within Investorideas.com, report on Technology companies that enable small business owners. To be competitive in the marketplace small business owners require services, software and products that allow them to have access to the support and expertise of a larger company, but at an affordable price. Geeks On Call Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: GOCH), Vocus Inc. (NASDAQ: VOCS), Dell Inc., HP, RCN Business Services and others, comment on how they fill the technology gap for small business owners.

Geeks On Call Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: GOCH) has built its brand around providing on-site service and solutions for small business owners that save both time and money. Richard T. Cole, CEO of Geeks On Call, recently noted, "We provide virtually every computer service that a customer could need, from networking to upgrades, to firewall protection. The gap that we fill best is providing organizations without the resources for an in-house IT department, cost effective solutions that provide the same caliber of IT services that typically would be found in a larger business. We can actually become the small business partner and trusted adviser."

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According to Bill Wagner, CMO at Vocus, Inc. (NASDAQ: VOCS), a company that provides on-demand software for public relations management, "Today's PR is becoming part of an integrated sales and marketing strategy which, when used correctly, has the potential to drive sales and increase company revenue. With limited budgets and resources to dedicate to PR, small businesses face major challenges in generating publicity and reaching potential customers. Until now, agencies, newswire services and PR management software were all designed for companies with bigger budgets. Vocus SBE offers small companies access to PR tools, redesigned and priced specifically to meet their needs. Smaller organizations can now create online news releases that are available to millions of consumers and websites, indexed by major search engines and distributed in two targeted daily news digests."

HP (Market, News) recently announced HP Upline, a new subscription service that provides consumers and small businesses the security of knowing their digital world is protected in a secure, offsite location in case their local PC gets lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. HP is offering both consumers and small business customers a limited plan at no cost for one year.

"With increasingly more personal and business content being housed on PCs, the easy-to-use and affordable HP Upline service protects and shares everything from memories in digital photos to critical business documents," said Ulf Claesson, vice president and general manager, Personal Systems Group, HP. "HP Upline delivers tools for a differentiated and more personal experience from a vendor consumers and small businesses can trust."

RCN Corporation (Market, News), a leading provider of video, data, and voice services to residential, small business and commercial customers, recently stated, "Many small businesses lack IT support and the technical expertise afforded by larger businesses," said Brad Martin, RCN Business Services Sr. Director of Marketing and Operations. "When confronted with a technical problem, the business owner or manager needs to become the resident expert, IT manager and CTO. This means less time focused on running the business -- even worse, it can mean critical systems down time that translates into measurable loss."

"Even when a local resource is available to a small business, it often means spending time standing in line or having a local representative on premise to solve the problem," said RCN Business Services Senior Vice President and General Manager John Baker. "RCN's Enhanced Care shortens solution time and prevents service fees being charged while the problem remains unresolved."

Dell Inc. (Market, News), a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and support of computer systems and services remarks as part of their positioning with small business, "Listening to customers and acting quickly on their feedback to improve our products and services sets Dell apart," said Frank Muehleman, VP and general manager, Dell Small and Medium Business.

The bottom line for small business owners choosing their technology service provider or product will come down to customer service, ease of execution, cost and ongoing support.

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Geeks On Call America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geeks On Call Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: GOCH). Through its trade names 1-800-905-GEEK and Geeks On Call, the company is a premier national provider of on-site computer service and solutions to small business and residential customers. Founded in 1999, the company helped pioneer the on-site residential IT service concept. Since then, small businesses and residential customers across the nation have trusted Geeks On Call/1-800-905-GEEK's certified IT professionals to provide computer privacy and security solutions, hardware and network installations, troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades and consulting. The company began franchising in 2001 and has granted over 300 franchises with new locations opening regularly. All franchises are independently owned and operated.

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